Choosing a Freestanding Bath

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There is nothing quite as relaxing as taking a long hot bath after a busy, stressful day. Free standing baths are a perfect bath in which to do so because of their shape and depth which provides greater water immersion, comfort and support. Not only do free standing baths create the much desired “spa effect” in the convenience of our very own home, they make a statement of luxury in the bathroom that no other

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Benefits of adding a Bulkhead above your Kitchen Cabinets

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It is little wonder that kitchen design has changed so much in the past decade. With open plan living now being the standard design in homes, kitchens are no longer hidden away in a separate room and purely utilitarian. Kitchens are now a focal point of the home becoming a place to congregate as a family and entertain guests. So kitchens not only need to be completely functional, they require a design that is appealing

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Choosing your Bathroom Tapware

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Tapware serves an integral function within the bathroom. Choosing well designed, quality tapware is not only important to avoid unnecessary plumbing expenses in the future, but has the ability to add character and flair to your newly renovated bathroom. Bathroom tapware available today really can provide that finishing touch that can take your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary. Marble mosaic feature floor, wall hung vanity with custom shaving cabinet and stunning modern, black tapware

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Popular Kitchen Layout Designs

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When renovating a kitchen, deciding upon its layout is the absolute starting point. Once the layout is confirmed, colour scheme, cabinet and benchtop style and colour can be more readily made. Many homeowners simply choose to keep the current layout of their kitchen and simply replace and update cabinets, benchtops and appliances. If your kitchens’ current layout is completely functional, aesthetically pleasing and works well for your individual needs, then there is simply no reason

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Choosing your Shower Head

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Choosing a shower head for your bathroom renovation was once a simple task. In fact it wasn’t considered a task at all as there were very few different types and designs from which to choose. Today, it’s a very different story. The humble shower can now provide a spa like experience in our very own home with rainfall showers, massage jets and even LED lighting to help us relax and unwind. The latest shower technology

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Kitchen Cabinet Styles

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When renovating a kitchen, there a many decisions to be made. Layout, style, colour scheme, cabinet profile, benchtop, splashback, storage options right through to appliances, handles, sink and tapware etc. The decisions and choices are mind boggling for the first time renovator. However, difficult the task may seem, it is important that each and every selection blends in and work well to create a beautiful and functional kitchen. Beautiful white, flat panel polyurethane cabinets

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Advantages of Linear Shower Drains

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When renovating a bathroom there are many decisions to be made. From the layout to colour scheme, size and type of tile, style of vanity, tapware and accessory design? The list can seem to go on and on. It is little wonder that most would give little thought as to what type of shower drain they would like to use or even be aware that there are actually options from which to choose from.

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Create a Hygienic & Easy to Clean Bathroom

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Cleaning is a job we all love to hate, but is a chore we simply cannot avoid. The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home that is shared by multiple household members and guests. Therefore, the bathroom requires weekly cleaning to keep it spick and span, free of bacteria and mould. As there is no way to avoid this regular chore, it makes sense when renovating the bathroom, to choose products,

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Advantages of a Custom Plinth supported vanity – Bathroom Renovations

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Vanities today are more than just storage in the bathroom. Vanities now come in such a vast array of styles, colours and finishes, which makes the bathroom vanity a major component of bathroom decor. In fact, the perfectly chosen vanity can become the main feature of any bathroom. Read our article for Choosing your Vanity. When shopping for bathroom vanities, it doesn’t take long to become overwhelmed by the choices available. Not to mention that the P.C

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Tips for a Timeless Kitchen

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Kitchens today have many expectations placed upon them. They need to be functional powerhouses from which we cook, dine and entertain. No longer purely a room for utilitarian purposes, with open plan living, the kitchen is on display for all to see, so it not only needs to be functional, but look great too. Beautiful white polyurethane cabinets with engineered stone benchtop, glass splashback and stainless steel appliances - kitchen renovation by Master Bathrooms

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