Custom Made Vanities for your Bathroom Renovation

When renovating the bathroom, selecting the perfect vanity that will address all your needs is an important task. The vanity is an item that is utilised by each household member numerous times per day and therefore has to be perfectly functional to allow every day routine to flow harmoniously.

Bathroom Renovation

Stunning custom double vanity with above counter bowls, shaker cabinets and stone top with twin custom mirrored wall cabinets – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Vanities today come in a variety of styles, sizes, colours and finishes and have the ability to become a design feature in your newly renovated bathroom. The vanity is usually the only source of storage in the bathroom, so finding a vanity in store that will serve your households daily function, provide all your storage needs and compliment your bathroom design can be at times quite difficult.

Perhaps you’ve spotted the ideal style vanity but it wasn’t the right size, colour, or it has doors instead if drawers. Or the vanity you’ve found doesn’t have a stone top or bowl placement that you like. The list of variables is long and it can be quite frustrating to find exactly what you want. There are a greater variety of vanities available today than ever though, custom made vanities are the ideal solution for homeowners when the perfect vanity cannot be found in store.

Advantages of a custom made vanity:

A custom made vanity allows you to design its storage to perfectly suit your individual household. A family bathroom requires plenty of storage space. Depending on the age of the individuals using the bathroom, toy storage, cosmetics, toilet paper, shampoo and conditioners are just some of the many items that may need to be stored. With a custom vanity, you can create the storage exactly as you prefer it to be say for a dirty clothes basket, cosmetics tray or for that unusually tall shampoo bottle that wouldn’t normally fit in a standard vanity. A mirrored wall cabinet can be custom made to perfectly match the vanity and provide extra storage that is ideal for keeping medicines, sharps and expensive creams out of reach from younger members of the household.

En-suite bathrooms are a little retreat for the occupants of the bedroom it is set off from. The vanity in an en-suite bathroom should ideally reflect this by providing a storage solution that is perfectly suited to those individuals. Cosmetics can be perfectly organized, hair and shaving tools and appliances can all have a home. Double bowls are an option if space allows for a his and her set up. LED under cabinet lighting is ideal for en-suite bathrooms as it provides a soft lighting at night to illuminate the bathroom floor without disturbing sleeping partners in the adjoining bedroom.

Powder rooms rarely require a large vanity and simply need to provide a place for guests to wash up. However, putting a little thought into the vanity in this room enables storage for toilet paper, hand towels, air freshener and soaps which avoids guests having to make an awkward query for these items should they run out. Making the most of storage space in every room in the house is always a good idea.

A custom vanity can be built to make the most of all space available for the vanity area. This is especially advantageous when the vanity is to sit between two walls, leaving no gaps that become wasted space and particularly difficult to clean with standard size vanities.

Whether double bowls are preferred for two people to use the bathroom simultaneously or a single bowl, with a custom vanity you can decide their placement. Often a single bowl is preferred to placed off to one side of a larger vanity rather than the middle to create a generous benchtop area for decor and working area when styling hair, shaving and applying makeup.

Bathroom Renovation

Stunning Carrara marble herringbone tiled feature wall, custom timber wall mount vanity with above counter bowl, stone top, chrome wall mount tapware & custom mirrored wall cabinet – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

You can choose door and drawer front type to perfectly reflect the design style of your bathroom and blend with your cabinetry in the kitchen or laundry and other furnishings to create a cohesive feel throughout the home. Whether this be a modern flat door or a classic shaker cabinet door, the choice is yours. The same variety of choice is available for handles; modern, traditional, chrome, gold, brass, bushed metal etc.

Colour choices available for the cabinetry are wide and therefore you can either choose a colour to blend in perfectly or to stand out to create beautiful feature. The finish you prefer is again your choice be it gloss or satin.

Benchtops can have a timber or stone finish. In store vanities generally have either a white stone or a beechwood stain timber finish for their vanity tops to suit a greater proportion of bathroom styles. Whereas with a custom vanity, you can choose the stain of timber or the stone you prefer. Quartz is quite popular in bathrooms as it is non porous and requires no maintenance or special cleaners, has a large array of colour options and can even mimic marble with all its veining.

Quality over quantity. Cabinets that are mass produced may be cheaper to build than a custom made cabinet however, once the markups are applied at retail level, the price difference between buying a vanity in store and having one custom built to perfectly suit your bathroom space and design is less than most realise and quite often the same price as quality in store vanities.

As mentioned previously, custom mirrored wall cabinets are ideal to create extra storage at face level. These mirrors can be built to perfectly match your vanity and can be recessed into the wall cavity to create a streamlined finish that doesn’t crowd the vanity area. They can be built to the exact size of your vanity, be oversized or from wall to wall, whatever is the preference of your design.

Gorgeous custom made vanity & shaving cabinet with wall mounted tap, above counter bowl & herringbone tile splashback - bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

Gorgeous custom made vanity & shaving cabinet with wall mounted tap, above counter bowl & herringbone tile splashback – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

You may walk into a store and instantly see the vanity that is perfect for your new bathroom however, if this is not the case and you find yourself struggling to purchase one that is right for you, a custom made vanity is the ideal solution.

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