A bathroom is just not complete without a mirror. Mirrors serve both a practical and decorative purpose in the bathroom. The practical uses for a bathroom mirror go without saying, however, the design elements that a mirror adds to the bathroom are more than many realize.

Bathroom Renovation

Stunning bathroom with black framed mirror – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

A mirror, in any room, adds to the appearance of space by way of its reflection. The larger the mirror the greater its reflection and space creating effect.

Light is also reflected in bathroom mirrors. Doubling natural light from a window, or even skylight, is important in bathrooms of all sizes.

In the bathroom, as in other rooms of the home, a feature wall creates a statement and adds some ‘wow’ factor. Just as a painted or wall papered feature wall add character to living areas of the home, a feature wall tiled with either a textured, patterned, or contrasting colour tile is a way many home owners add wow factor to their bathroom. The feature wall in a bathroom, is usually set either on the wall where the vanity or bath is placed or in the shower recess. The bathroom mirror is an amazing addition to the the feature wall itself, or should the feature be on a different wall, the mirror reflects this feature, doubling its effect.

Bathroom Renovation

Beautiful custom made antique styled vanity with round LED lit mirror – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

Round mirrors, like all mirrors add to the dimension of a bathroom, but are in themselves a decorative piece.

Round mirrors, with their curved lines, work perfectly to soften the bathroom. Juxtaposed with the rectangular and square shapes of wall tiles, they warm any bathroom space.

When a round mirror is used it can be either framed or frameless. Frameless designs tend to be larger in size, reflect light and space more effectively, and suit contemporary styles bathrooms. Of course, the larger the mirror, the larger the reflection, the greater the impact.

Framed round mirrors have a similar decorative and warming effect as wall hung pictures. The frames are of course chosen to match the colour scheme of the bathroom which enhances its character.

Twin round mirrors are perfectly suited for double bowl vanities and provide reflection over each bowl enabling the bathroom to be used simultaneously. This design is ideal for large en-suites and family bathrooms.

Bathroom Renovation

Beautiful faux marble porcelain tiles with wall mount vanity and round mirror – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

A single oversized round mirror set over a wall mount vanity creates a stunning modern look where the vanity and mirror in combination are the feature of the bathroom.

Rather than turning to the small magnifying makeup mirrors that need to be stored away, taking up valuable vanity space. Large round mirrors that are made specifically for the bathroom come with lighting and a small magnified area. These mirrors sit perfectly over the vanity, add dimension and character to any bathroom space with the benefit of aiding perfect makeup application.

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