Create a Timeless Bathroom Design with a Touch of Timber

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Create a Timeless Bathroom Design with a Touch of Timber - Why you should consider natural elements in your bathroom renovation. Renovating a bathroom is an investment in both time and money. One that most homeowners can afford to do once, perhaps twice, in their lifetime. So when renovating the bathroom it makes sense to select a design and colour scheme that will look not only beautiful now, but continue to have a new and relevant

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Kitchen Peninsula Islands

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The Benefits of Adding a Peninsula Island to your Kitchen. Kitchens are a busy area of the home and are a place that requires to be not only functional, but to also look appealing, organised and welcoming for when guests pop by.  Open plan living has brought the humble kitchen out into the spotlight of the home. In doing so, homeowners desire their kitchen to have a design that is pleasing to look at and

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Nib Walls

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The revival of the Nib Wall & how it can create a functional statement in your bathroom. Stunning nib wall in the shower recess creating both a fabulous feature and practical shelving - bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens. As renovators who have been in the bathroom and kitchen renovation industry for over 30 years, it never fails to surprise us to see the revival of old trends. Albeit, most such trends

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Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

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The Advantages of Lighted Bathroom Mirrors Mirrors of all shapes and sizes, whether framed or frameless, are a fantastic home decor inclusion. Mirrors have long been used in interior design to add depth and character to a room while increasing both light and the sense of space. There is no more important room in which to have a mirror than the bathroom. Quite simply, a bathroom without a mirror feels incomplete. Whilst a bathroom mirror

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Under-cabinet Lighting

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Benefits of Under-cabinet Lighting in the Bathroom and Kitchen Lighting plays an important role in all rooms of the house, creating both function and ambience. Layers of lighting work best in providing each room with a combination of bright and soft lighting to choose from. In the bathroom, it is imperative to have bright lighting that does not cast shadows for applying makeup and shaving. Whilst bright light is essential for preparing for work or

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Herringbone Tiles

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Herringbone Tiles - A Timeless Design Choice Tiling plays a major role in the design of bathrooms and kitchens.  Walls, floors and splashbacks are main focal points of both rooms.  The tile chosen and the pattern in which they are laid can direct the overall design of the room. Beautiful custom wall mount vanity with custom recessed mirrored wall cabinet with stunning herringbone tile feature wall - bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

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Handleless Kitchens

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Handleless Kitchens When renovating the kitchen there are many elements to consider that determine its overall look. As cabinetry is by far the largest component of the kitchen, the door fronts and handles, or lack of handles, has a major impact on its design.  The flat and continuous appearance that handleless kitchens provide has seen a rise in the popularity of its sleek and contemporary design.  Particular components of a kitchen, such as handles, can

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Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

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Bathroom Mirror Cabinets Bathroom mirror cabinets, also known as shaving cabinets or medicine cabinets, are a fantastic way to add valuable storage space to the bathroom without crowding the room. Stunning timber wall mount vanity with 3 door mirrored wall cabinet to provide an abundance of storage - bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens. “We have too much storage” said no person ever.  Storage is an integral component of every home.  No

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Doorless Showers

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Doorless Showers The way in which bathroom showers are screened has changed considerably over the years, and thankfully so.  Gone are the old shower curtains that would to stick and put us in a tangle whilst showering, not to mention the mould that inevitably grew upon them requiring the curtains to be replaced. Next came ugly wired glass 3 panel sliding doors with aluminum frames, wheels and tracks that would eventually jam and were impossible

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Custom Made Vanities – Bathroom Renovations

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Custom Made Vanities for your Bathroom Renovation When renovating the bathroom, selecting the perfect vanity that will address all your needs is an important task. The vanity is an item that is utilised by each household member numerous times per day and therefore has to be perfectly functional to allow every day routine to flow harmoniously. Stunning custom double vanity with above counter bowls, shaker cabinets and stone top with twin custom mirrored wall

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