Finding the perfect position for your Dishwasher.

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Renovating your Kitchen? Finding the perfect position for your Dishwasher. What is the perfect position for your dishwasher in your newly renovated kitchen? Stunning white flat panel polyurethane finger pull cabinets, finished with a bulkhead, engineered stone benchtops and stainless steel appliances - kitchen renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens. Regardless of the size or layout of a kitchen, the positioning of its appliances is key. Renovating the kitchen is an ideal time

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Bathroom Feature Floors

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Creating a feature in your bathroom with floor tiles. Tiling is a major component of the bathroom. The colour and size of tile along with the pattern in which it is laid on both walls and the floor will largely dictate the overall design and aesthetics of the bathroom. Feature tiles break the monotony of standard tiles and add character to the bathroom. Tiling an entire wall or part thereof with a feature tile is

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Laundry Room Trends 2020

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Laundry Trends 2020 - renovation inspiration for your laundry room. The laundry is no longer a neglected room that contains simply a washing machine and laundry tub, left with bare walls, plumbing exposed and has a closed door whenever guests arrive or when dirty laundry piles become high. Interior design, planning and organization has extended into every room of the contemporary home. This has transformed this workhorse of a room from being a purely functional

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Kitchen Trends 2020

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Kitchen Trends 2019/2020 - popular designs, selections and inclusions chosen by homeowners. When renovating a kitchen, there are many decisions to be made.  Layout, cabinet door finish, benchtop material, handles or handleless, what type of oven and in which finish, what size sink and which tap is best?  These are just a few of the questions homeowners ask themselves when renovating their kitchen. The list does seem to be never ending and the options from

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Bathroom Trends 2020

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Bathroom Trends 2020 - popular designs, selections and inclusions chosen by homeowners. January 2020, marks our 25th year in business renovating bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Interior design is ever changing and technology is always advancing. This blog post is the first in our series of latest trends in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries for the upcoming year. In 25 years, we’ve seen many bathroom trends come and go. In fact, we’ve seen certain colour schemes, tiles,

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Create a Timeless Design with a Touch of Stone

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How to create a Timeless Bathroom Design with a touch of stone. When renovating a bathroom, homeowners are faced with many decisions and there are now, more than ever, greater options from which to choose. Deciding upon the bathroom layout, colour scheme, vanity, bath, toilet, tapware and tile; the list can appear seemingly endless. Beautiful custom wall mount vanity with custom recessed mirrored wall cabinet with stunning herringbone tile feature wall - bathroom renovation

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Create a Timeless Bathroom Design with a Touch of Timber

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Create a Timeless Bathroom Design with a Touch of Timber - Why you should consider natural elements in your bathroom renovation. Renovating a bathroom is an investment in both time and money. One that most homeowners can afford to do once, perhaps twice, in their lifetime. So when renovating the bathroom it makes sense to select a design and colour scheme that will look not only beautiful now, but continue to have a new and relevant

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Kitchen Peninsula Islands

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The Benefits of Adding a Peninsula Island to your Kitchen. Kitchens are a busy area of the home and are a place that requires to be not only functional, but to also look appealing, organised and welcoming for when guests pop by.  Open plan living has brought the humble kitchen out into the spotlight of the home. In doing so, homeowners desire their kitchen to have a design that is pleasing to look at and

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Nib Walls

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The revival of the Nib Wall & how it can create a functional statement in your bathroom. Stunning nib wall in the shower recess creating both a fabulous feature and practical shelving - bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens. As renovators who have been in the bathroom and kitchen renovation industry for over 30 years, it never fails to surprise us to see the revival of old trends. Albeit, most such trends

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Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

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The Advantages of Lighted Bathroom Mirrors Mirrors of all shapes and sizes, whether framed or frameless, are a fantastic home decor inclusion. Mirrors have long been used in interior design to add depth and character to a room while increasing both light and the sense of space. There is no more important room in which to have a mirror than the bathroom. Quite simply, a bathroom without a mirror feels incomplete. Whilst a bathroom mirror

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