How to make the most of your space to maximise bathroom storage when renovating.

Bathroom Renovation

Earthy tones and black accents with custom cabinetry – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

Having ample storage is key for an easy to clean and organised home. When a room is lacking adequate storage, items are inevitably left out with no other place to go, collecting dust and creating clutter. These items are then required to be removed and replaced whenever the area is cleaned adding to the time and effort required.

This is especially true for bathrooms. The bathroom is an area that requires frequent cleaning and to avoid clutter accumulating, creating as much storage space as possible is ideal. Not only will it help to keep the bathroom organised and easier to clean, it will help avoid mould from forming in wet areas such as the sink, shower floor and bath area. Doing a bathroom renovation is the ideal time to carefully consider storage options to make the most of your space.

“A place for everything, and everything in its place.”

Whether it’s makeup on the vanity top, bath toys that pile at the end of the bath or shampoo bottles on the shower floor, there is a storage solution to help keep everything put away in a designated place to reduce clutter.

Main Bathroom Renovaiton

Luxurious marble herringbone feature wall stretching behind the custom recessed shaving cabinet, wall mount vanity, and into shower recess – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.


The bathroom vanity is usually the main source of storage. Contemporary vanities come in a wide array of sizes and designs to provide bathroom storage. Rather than merely offering a cabinet with the typical 3 small drawers, contemporary vanities tend to utilise large deep drawers. These larger styled drawers allow for easy access to absolutely everything that is stored in the vanity. With this deep drawer design, there’s no need to rummage to the back of the vanity cabinet trying to locate an item. Simply opening the drawer makes every item visible and within easy reach. The addition of drawer dividers, bamboo drawer tidies or individual plastic containers takes organisation the the next level. While there are many options available in store, most homeowners when renovating their bathroom opt for a custom made vanity.

Custom made vanities are built to perfectly suit your individual bathroom area with the advantage of creating the storage design you need, in the finish you want.

Bathroom Renovation

A spa like oasis in the comfort of home with recessed shaving cabinet – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

Shaving Cabinets

The once humble shaving cabinet has come a long way with its design. These mirrored cabinets provide valuable face level storage perfect for a variety of smaller items that are used daily and are ideal for keeping things out of reach from little fingers. They can be custom made to perfectly suit your bathroom space or can be found in store in a variety of sizes, designs and finishes.

When renovating the bathroom shaving cabinets may be recessed into the wall cavity to create a streamlined look that avoids crowding the basin area. Power points are typically installed inside the shaving cabinet offering a convenient area for electric toothbrushes. Add decorative shelving, interior lighting and under the cabinet lighting and this practical storage solution can also become quite a feature.

Tall Boys

Having the option of a larger storage area in the bathroom allows for larger items such as towels, toilet paper, cleaning products and large personal care back stock items like shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles.

Tall boys are custom made to suit individual preferences in conjunction with the vanity and create a built in cabinetry design that compliments any bathroom design.

Bathroom Renovation

Ensuite Bathroom featuring custom timber wall mount vanity and shower recess with feature niche – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.


Bathroom niches are both a fabulous and functional inclusion for bathrooms when renovating. They create an effective feature giving the bathroom character and are the ideal space to place shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles in the shower keeping these items off the floor. Another popular area to create a niche is over the bath. Niches can be tiled in the same tile as the walls for a cohesive design or tiled with a feature tile to make it pop. They can also be lit with LED lighting creating a spa like oasis in the comfort of home.

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