Walk in robe renovation

We share a few hints and tips to make the most of your wardrobe space.

We’ve all been there. Standing in front of a wardrobe that is jammed packed full of clothes, yet somehow unable to find anything to wear.

While annually culling our closet goes a long way to help keep our wardrobes in some order, most standard shelving and hanging spaces are simply not conducive with organising our attire to best display all our options. Let’s face it, even with the best of intentions to keep our clothes neatly folded and packed away, traditional wardrobe shelving just doesn’t quite fit the bill. Even with the best of intentions and diligence, in seemingly no time at all, our wardrobes are quite literally stuffed with no simple way to improve organisation.

Renovating presents an opportunity to remedy any shortcomings of design. We have many customers who when renovating their bathrooms, take the opportunity to have their wardrobes completely custom made to create clothes and apparel storage that perfectly suits their individual preference. This is particularly common when renovating the en-suite bathroom to the master bedroom where the walk in robe is typically the entry.

The ideal interior layout of a wardrobe very much depends on one’s own liking. What may suit one person may not necessarily suit another. Though, that of course is entirely the advantage of having custom made storage.

Here are few options to consider when planning your own custom wardrobe space.

Walk in robe

Extra Hanging:

Hanging storage is ideal for organising clothes and be able to see outfit options. In fact, lack of ample hanging space is often the reason wardrobes become disorganised because too much space has been given to shelving. Shelving requires clothes to be folded and stacked which makes removing clothing from the bottom the pile inconvenient, messy and often creates creases. Utilising more hanging storage means clothing can be easily accessed.

Clothes can be organised by types as in shirts, pants, dresses, suits etc, or hung in groups of colour, or as complete outfits ready to wear. Hanging is a convenient option for those who use hangers when drying their clothes as they simply go straight from machine to hanger to dry, then simply hung in the wardrobe ready to wear.


Carefully consider how much shelving is required by working out what is best stored on a shelf. Shelving is perfect for large items such as jumpers, shawls, bags, hats and shoes. The items stored on shelving will often change over time. For instance the purchase of a large bag or length of a pair of boots. So it’s a good idea to create shelving height can be adjusted as your wardrobe needs change.


Drawer storage is ideal for smaller items and clothing that does not crease. Items such as gym wear, scarves, beanies, sunglasses and undergarments are perfect for drawer storage and can be further organised with dividers if desired.

New built in wardrobe

Shoe Storage:

Where space allows, having designated racks for shoes creates the ultimate space for keeping shoes organised and easily accessible. Typically sliding shoe racks are positioned in the lower section of the wardrobe.

Jewellery Storage:

Forget overstuffed jewellery boxes where accessories become a tangled mess. Assigned jewellery drawers are the perfect place for rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and of course watches. These drawers are ideally positioned as a top drawer set at waist height with a glass or clear perspex top to keep jewellery easily selected yet protected from dust.


What would a wardrobe be without a mirror? Sliding mirror doors are typically used in built-in wardrobes and in addition to providing reflection, they enhance light and the sense of space within the bedroom. Walk-in robes are often created with an open design and therefore either rely upon the ensuite mirror or ideally contain a full length mirror when dressing. Make-up mirrors or dressing table mirrors may be considered where there are drawers or shelving finished at waist height. These mirrors are ideally lit with LED lighting to enhance reflection.

Walk in robe with jewellery storage


Wardrobes and walk in robes benefit from interior lighting to make finding items easier. LED strip lighting is ideal for this task and creates quite a feature in the bedroom. Lighting can be connected to a sensor to turn on when the wardrobe doors open for convenience. Sensor lighting is not recommended for open walk in wardrobes as it may disturb sleep in the main bedroom at night.

Cabinetry Colour:

While white is the most common colour used in wardrobes, it is well worth considering varying shades of timber grains that are available, from light white washed looks to dark and moody greys and blacks that create a stunning design.


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