The benefits of laying hybrid flooring when renovating your home.

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Other than deciding upon which colour to paint walls, the floor is the largest area of the home of which to select material for. Timber flooring is by far the most common flooring chosen by home owners due to its aesthetics and timelessness.

Laying timber flooring when renovating has become the standard choice overtaking the once popular carpeted and tiled floors. Carpet is difficult to keep clean throughout high traffic and living areas, while tile is considered too cold and hard for bedrooms.

Timber flooring however, is perfect for all areas of the home which creates a harmonious and flowing home design. Specifically, hybrid timber flooring is favoured by homeowners when renovating their home due to its attractive design, durability and affordable pricing.

Hybrid flooring is made up of a combination of laminate and vinyl. Using the the best attributes of these two materials, hybrid flooring is a durable, water resistant, maintenance free and visually pleasing flooring option for home owners. It is available on a wide variety of timber varieties, sizes and hues to blend perfectly fly with any interior home design. When renovating, hybrid flooring provides the timeless and luxurious feel of timber without the maintenance and price tag.

Open plan interiors are often a desired feature when renovating. To achieve this, a wall may be removed and most commonly, the kitchen floor plan altered which then requires the flooring to be replaced to avoid obvious patching repairs.

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  • Suitable for living areas and bedrooms creating a harmonious flow throughout the home.
  • Timelessness that only timber can provide.
  • Durable, waterproof or water resistant.
  • Vast array of sizes, colours, grains to suit any home interior.
  • Cheaper than solid timber flooring and doesn’t require maintenance.
  • Perfect for the kitchen and an ideal solution for the floor when altering a kitchen floor plan.

New hybrid flooring

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