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What to consider when purchasing your kitchen sink when renovating

The kitchen sink is arguably the most frequently used component in the kitchen. Yet, when renovating the kitchen, choosing a sink is rarely given the same consideration as other kitchen elements such as the cooktop, oven, cabinetry or benchtops. This comes as no real surprise as for years here in Australia, other than a small variety of sizes and the choice between a single and double bowl, a standard topmount stainless steel sink was all that was offered.

This is no longer the case with different types, a variety of colours, and a larger selections of sizes that are now available to suit any kitchen design.

Sink Mounting Types:

Undermount – Used with stone benchtops. Sits below the surface of the bench. Creates a streamlined finish. Allows for crumbs and spills to be wiped directly into the sink without hitting a lip barrier. Care must be taken when washing large heavy items so to avoid marking and chipping the stone edge. Ensuring sink is of ample size is beneficial to avoid this.

Flushmount – As the name suggests, these sit flush with the benchtop without noticeable lip or rim and creates a contemporary and streamlined finish. Provides a barrier that protects the stone edge when washing large heavy items.

Topmount – These are the traditional style of sinks that have for years been installed in kitchens. The lip is visible resting on top the bench. Budget friendly.

Apron or Skirted (butlers/ farmhouse) –

Rectangular, usually ceramic with an apron or skirted front. Requires custom cabinetry to accommodate its apron. Commonly a single bowl but can be purchased in double bowl styles. Creates a traditional design and works well with Hamptons style kitchens.

Kitchen Renovation Kellyville Ridge

Striking large single bowl black granite composite undermount sink accentuates the bold veins in the stone – kitchen renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Single Bowl or Double Bowl:

This is a question worth pondering. Dishwashers are now considered standard in even the most modest of kitchens, and they have changed the way in which we use our kitchen sink.

When it comes to washing up, we mostly use our sinks for quickly rinsing off our dirty dishes and promptly place them in the dishwasher perhaps leaving larger pots and trays to be hand washed in the sink.

So the question that should be asked is whether or not a double bowl sink is still required. If the answer is no, then that opens up the option of having a single larger sink similar in size to that of a farmhouse sink. Being able to wash large trays and pots in the sink laying them flat without scraping it’s sides saves a lot of effort and avoids deep scratches on the sink. Large sinks transform into an additional workspace ideal for food preparation with the use of custom sink accessories. These are known as workstation sinks and are becoming increasingly popular for their convenience and functionality.

Kitchen Renovation

The servery opening created in this kitchen enhances light and space while providing a convenient way to serve meals and features a polished stainless steel double bowl topmount sink – kitchen renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Sink Material:

Stainless steel – By far the most widely used kitchen sink material and most economical. Durable, hygienic and easily maintained these sinks work well with all kitchen designs. Known for their longevity, these sinks can last decades requiring just a quick polish to brighten them up. Available in a range of finishes such as polished, satin and brushed. Ensure to purchase one with a high grade of stainless steel. Grade 304 is regarded the best for stainless steel sinks.

Granite composite – These sinks are made by bonding together crushed quartz, stone dust and acrylic resins. Chip, dent, scratch and heat resistant this engineered material creates a smoother, flatter surface which makes it highly hygienic and reduces limescale build up. Available in a range of colours though most commonly found in black and white.

Ceramic – Commonly used in farmhouse sinks, also knows as butlers, French, apron or skirted sinks. Gorgeous vintage look that requires extra care to avoid scratches, marks and chips.

Other popular finishes – Brushed nickel, brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal which allow the sink to match tapware and handles creating a cohesive design.

Kitchen Renovation featuring a workstation sink

Workstation sink with accessories – kitchen renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Sink Accessories:

Including sink accessories transforms the humble kitchen sink into a super functional workstation. Workstation sinks create the ideal space for chopping, slicing, dicing, rinsing and draining tasks. These accessories are best purchased in a package when buying the sink as they are custom made to fit the exact size and shape of each sink. Alternatively, accessories may be purchased individually though careful measurements need to be made to ensure the accessories fit and function as intended.

Sink protectors – These are an excellent accessory that can be purchased to sit on the base of the sink to protect it from scratches when washing large, heavy pots and pans. These have been used to protect the ceramic base of farmhouse sinks for years and have recently made their way into being used with other finishes like stainless steel. They double as a drainer to wash and drain larger sized fruit and vegetables.

Roller mat – May be placed either over the sink or to the side for draining and doubles as a heat protector for hot pots, pans and trays.

Sink colander – Sits firmly over the edges of the sink to wash fruit and veg or drain pasta and cooked vegetables. Works in unison with the chopping board creating a work station.

Other common accessories include; chopping boards, drainer trays, drainer baskets.

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