Kitchen storage solutions to consider when renovating your kitchen.

A well organised kitchen makes preparing every day meals so much easier. Having all that is needed easy to find and within arms reach saves precious time and energy. Let’s face it, with the busy lives we all lead today, who has time and energy to waste?

‘A place for everything and everything has its place’ as the saying goes. Well organised kitchen cupboards and drawers allow for clutter free benchtops, creating plenty of free space to prepare meals quickly and reducing stress at meal times.

Kitchen Renovations

There are a variety of smart storage solutions that can be included within kitchen cabinetry when renovating that help to create a perfectly organised kitchen to optimise its everyday function.

Pantry Storage

The pantry is often the most difficult area to keep in order as it is frequented by all members of the household numerous times everyday. Not all kitchens have the luxury of a large walk-in pantry with shelves lining the walls that enable goods to be neatly displayed. Though this isn’t an issue with these smart storage solutions

A wired pullout pantry is ideal for smaller kitchens and can be custom made to perfectly suit the area and storage requirements. These wired pullout pantries enable everything to be easily located and easy to reach.

Custom pantry drawers are a fantastic way to keep non perishable items organised, and they look as fabulous as they are functional. They create a sleek and sophisticated finish inside the cabinetry, where they are positioned in the lower portion of the pantry and combined with shelving positioned above. Including these drawers in the pantry enables easy access to items without the need for rummaging at the back of the cabinet.

Kitchen Storage Solutions

Custom pantry drawers & shelving

Spice Drawers

Herbs and spices are another frequently used item in the kitchen and are therefore often kept on the counter next to the cooktop for ease of use. While convenient, they tend to be splattered with oil, require dusting and take up bench space. A spice drawer built into the cabinetry next to the cooktop is perfect for housing herbs and spices, keeping them easy to reach when cooking and benchtops clutter free.

Corner Cupboards

Almost every kitchen has a deep corner base cabinet that has a hard to reach space which requires the removal of items stored in front to grab what is needed from the back. These spaces are often wasted or reserved for those appliances, like pots and pans, that are rarely used. Rather wasting this space or enduring the constant chore of cupboard emptying, there are clever ways to make the most of the deepest corner cabinet space without the fuss.

Corner carousels (aka Lazy Susan) are ideal for corner base cabinets. With a simple turn, the item you need is right at your fingertips. These can be installed on both the shelf and the base of the cabinet creating two easy to use corner storage areas.

Alternatively to a corner carousel another solution for deep base cabinets are pullout shelves that attach to the inside of the cabinet door. When the cabinet is opened, the shelves pull outwards bringing items stored at the back with them.

Kitchen Storage Solutions

Corner cabinet storage pullout.

Pullout Bin Drawers

A well positioned bin is a necessity in the kitchen. It should be placed in an area that is easy for all household members access and one that is convenient when meals are being prepared.

Freestanding bins are often an eyesore in a newly renovated kitchen and tend to impair the walkways in smaller sized kitchens. Integrated pullout bins are hidden within cabinetry and simply pullout when needed. These bins can also have a space to conveniently store garbage bags to make changing bin liners quick and simple.

In smaller kitchen areas where cabinet space is limited, an under sink pullout bin is a perfect alternative. The top of this bin acts as an extra shelf that is great for housing cleaning products.

Kitchen Storage Solutions

Integrated Pullout Bin

Cutting Board Slots

This simple addition inside a cabinet makes for the greatest benefit. Cutting boards are used countless times on a daily basis and most kitchens contain a number of them in a variety sizes. A slot can be built, either inside a cabinet or a nook created outside to enable cutting boards to be stored vertically so they can be accessed with ease.

Kitchen Renovation

Wine storage nooks

Wine Storage/ Bar

With more entertaining being done at home, homeowners are looking at ways to incorporate more than just meal preparation and cooking into their kitchens. Bars, bottle nooks, and wine fridges are becoming more frequently popular. Custom cabinetry has the advantage of creating an area for your kitchen or extended living area that perfectly suits your space and requirements. Whether you decide to create a dedicated bar area or simply integrate a small section within the kitchen, cabinetry can be customised to create the perfect entertainment space for you.

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