The Benefits of Adding a Peninsula Island to your Kitchen.

Kitchens are a busy area of the home and are a place that requires to not only be functional, but to also look appealing, organised and welcoming for when guests pop by. Open plan living has brought the humble kitchen out into the spotlight, becoming the main hub of the home and requires a design that works harmoniously with living areas.

Kitchen Renovation

Gorgeous G shaped kitchen featuring an abundance of storage and benchtop space with a peninsula island for informal dining – kitchen renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

A kitchen island is high on the list of wants for homeowners and has become synonymous with luxury kitchen design Not only for their look but their practical benefits. A kitchen island is a freestanding counter that is open on all four sides and is a completely separate unit that is typically placed in the centre of the kitchen. Islands look amazing and provide extra storage and benchtop work space as well as providing an informal dining area that becomes a perfect area for guests to congregate whilst the host is cooking when entertaining.

While a kitchen island has many design and functional advantages, an island is best suited to larger kitchens. Not all kitchens have the layout or space available to accomodate an island without crowding major pathways and workstations. However, peninsula islands are an ideal alternative to an island. A peninsula island is attached to a wall or cabinet and is open on the other three sides. Rather than a separate piece of cabinetry, it is considered to be an extension of the kitchen cabinets.

A peninsula island does not require the same amount of space as a kitchen island though it offers the same advantages of extra storage, benchtop working space and informal dining area. When a peninsula island is attached to a perpendicular wall rather than cabinetry, it in fact takes on the appearance of a kitchen island. Freestanding kitchen islands may be in a contrasting cabinetry or benchtop material to the rest of the kitchen, however, peninsula islands should be of the same cabinetry and benchtop material as they are an extension of the kitchen cabinetry.

Kitchen Renovation

White cabinetry with stunning marble veins create this showstopping kitchen – full home renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Careful consideration should be given to the length of the peninsula island so as to not obstruct the traffic to and from the kitchen. Be sure to take advantage of all cabinet space available in the peninsula island by considering the possibility of incorporating cabinetry on both sides. Obviously, having cabinetry on both sides of the island will require it to be deeper, and one side may be obstructed by stools for the informal dining. Regardless, having doors on both sides provides valuable storage for less used kitchen items and appliances. Using push to open mechanisms allows a streamlined finish and negates the need for handles on one side so that knees are not knocked and scraped.

Just like freestanding islands, the peninsula island can house main elements of the kitchen such as sinks, dishwashers, cooktops and microwaves. When including such items be sure to consider the working triangle of the kitchen (sink, stove and fridge) and not disrupt the traffic flow between these elements to create an efficient work space.

Timeless white Hamptons style kitchen - kitchen renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

Timeless white Hamptons style kitchen with peninsula island featuring Caesarstone waterfall – kitchen renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

There are many ways to add character to your peninsula island though two very popular options are to cap one end with a bookshelf for recipe books or decor provides a traditional design, whereas a stone waterfall will provide a contemporary feel.

Advantages of peninsula islands:

  • Perfect for small kitchens.
  • Creates an informal dining area.
  • Great for entertaining guests whilst cooking.
  • Separates the kitchen from the dining and living rooms whilst enabling an open room concept.
  • Adds extra cabinets for extra storage.
  • Increases working bench space for food preparation.



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