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Butler’s pantries – should you consider including one in your kitchen renovation?

Butler’s pantries are far from new. They date well back to the nineteenth century where they were utilised by the wealthy who had a formal waitstaff and was typically used as an area where maids and butlers stored fine china, silverware etc.

Fast forward to today, butler’s pantries are again finding popularity in contemporary homes. For those who have the area available, a butler’s pantry is a fantastic inclusion when renovating the kitchen.

Todays kitchens take centre stage when entertaining family and friends. The kitchen is no longer a room that can be closed off with a door to hide the mess until guests leave. Open plan living dissolves the illusion somewhat. Open plan kitchens, while stunning and convenient for everyday life, can create added stress while entertaining. Trying to prepare amazing food for guests while keeping the kitchen spotlessly clean is no easy feat. This is where butler’s pantries are ideal.

Butler’s pantries are a transitional space between the kitchen and dining areas to be utilised in whatever way suits each individual household. While these uses can vary greatly, here are a few ideas for inspiration:

What can a Butler’s Pantry be used for?

  • Ideal as a staging area when entertaining. Trays of prepared foods can lay in wait.
  • Storage: extra kitchen storage for bulky appliances, large platters, bowls, oversized pots and pantry staples.
  • Second fridge/freezer.
  • Wine cellar/bar: Drinks preparation complete with blender, wine fridge and bar
  • An area for food preparation with appropriate appliances and sink for cleaning.
  • Cleanup: dirty dishes, platters, pots, pans can all lay in wait soaking in the sink and placed in the dishwasher without cluttering the main kitchen when entertaining.
  • Coffee bar: For connoisseurs of coffee, this space takes coffee station to another level with an espresso machine, grinder, array of coffee beans and flavours and, of course, a mini fridge to store a variety of milks.
  • Children’s snack station

As previously mentioned, space is key to allow for a butler’s pantry. Though if the kitchen area is limited, perhaps a butler’s laundry may be a worthwhile consideration. This combination works when the laundry is adjacent to the kitchen, as they often are. The laundry of course needs to be of an adequate size. One that can create extra storage and bench space while also housing a washer, dryer and required cleaning/laundry items.

Here’s a butler’s laundry we created with amazing results.

Butler's Laundry

As you can see, butler’s pantries do not need to lack their own flare. They are an area that will be frequented often, so why not make it a pleasant space to spend time? Regardless of its design, a butlers pantry is something to consider if your space and budget allows.


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