Ibrido, the latest addition to Smartstone’s engineered stone collection.

Kitchen Renovation with veined stone

Stunning veined stone Ibrido “Statuario Grigio” with under cabinet lighting – kitchen renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

Incorporating natural elements the home adds warmth and character creating a stunning feature and a timeless design. The use of natural elements in interior design brings the outdoors in and nothing quite makes a statement in the kitchen or bathroom quite like stone. Stone has long been favoured by homeowners and engineered stone offers the look without the price tag of natural stone.

Engineered stone has become by far the most popular material chosen for kitchen benches and bathroom vanity tops due to its aesthetic appeal, durability and price.

Manufacturers have met this demand with a vast array of designs that work beautifully with any interior design and if homeowners weren’t already spoilt for choice, Smartstone has just released a new collection comprising of seven unique designs that perfectly replicate the most sought after natural veined stones.

This collection has been aptly named “Ibrido” which in Italian translates to hybrid, and offers not only stunning design with its hybrid print technology, but is a complete game changer for engineered stone. Containing less than 28% silica and made from 56% recycled material this collection provides a environmentally responsible option for homeowners.

When selecting any variety of stone, being able to view the actual slab is ideal. We’ve been fortunate enough to get our hands on actual photos of each of the designs from this new collection from slabs stored at the Smartstone warehouse at Turrella.

Here we show for our customers a side by side view of both web image (left) and slab photo (right) to help with selections. To see an enlarged view, simply click on the image and zoom in to inspect detail.




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