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Galley Kitchens – Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

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The galley kitchen is comprised of two parallel runs of cabinets with a work corridor in between. It is an ideal layout where it is necessary for doors to be placed on either end of the kitchen. This layout was traditionally used in kitchen areas with limited space that took advantage of a small corridor and by small restaurants for its highly efficient work design. An effective work triangle can be created with a galley

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Ensuite Bathroom Renovation Wahroonga

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Gorgeous white wall tiles, terrazzo floor tiles, wall hung vanity with round backlit mirror and brown bronze tapware - bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens. An absolutely stunning result to our ensuite bathroom renovation project in Wahroonga. The customers wanted to renovate their ensuite bathroom to create a contemporary and functional bathroom that had a spacious feel with a minimalist appeal The customers chose white 300 x 600mm wall tiles that were

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