Just because your bathroom is small does not mean it has to forgo that all important splash of designer flair. In fact, with some careful thought and planning, your small bathroom can look fabulous, spacious and provide you with all the function you need. Subtle features work best in smaller bathrooms when creating that wow factor. In smaller spaces, the old adage could not be more true, “less is more”!

Bathroom Renovation

Gorgeous timber wall hung vanity, feature marble mosaic floor and black framed semi frameless shower screen with tapware – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

When renovating a smaller sized bathroom, one of the very first steps is to decide what it is that you really need. In bathrooms with a small and limited space, it may not be possible to accommodate both a shower and a separate bath. This is particularly true for ensuite bathrooms where a shower, vanity and toilet are the essential items that are desired. For main bathrooms with a small area, where a bath is required for young children, a shower/ bath combination may be considered. See our article on Shower Bath Combinations for more information on creating a modern shower/ bath installation.

Create the illusion of space by showing off more floor area. Wall mount vanities are ideal for smaller sized bathrooms by providing a contemporary and streamlined design that when paired with a recessed mirrored wall cabinet, provides plenty of storage for toiletries and makeup. Wall mount vanities can be found in store in a variety of colours and finishes that make the vanity itself a feature, rather than relying on a feature wall. This allows the wall tiles to be kept light, creating a spacious feel and leaves the feature flair to the vanity and its tapware. In addition, a wall mount toilet with an in-wall cistern will have the same floor exposing effect and creates an easy to clean bathroom area in total. Overall, the budget for your bathroom renovation will have a determining factor as to whether these wall mount options can be considered. If the budget is tight, consider a clean lined back to wall toilet and a plinth supported vanity as another option. See our blog post on the Advantages of a Custom Plinth supported vanity – Bathroom Renovations.

Gorgeous white herringbone tile adds character to this ensuite - bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Gorgeous white herringbone tile adds character to this ensuite – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

White or at least light walls are ideal in smaller spaces. Whilst darker shades do create warmth and character, when used on the walls in smaller rooms such as a small ensuite or powder room, can make it appear smaller and closed in. Add character to your bathroom with a feature floor, such as a patterned or geometric tile. If patterns are not your style, why not go for a faux marble or terrazzo tile and use some natural elements in your bathroom for a timeless finish?

Feature walls need not be restricted to a contrasting colour. While a contrasting coloured feature wall is extremely effective in larger bathrooms, when applied to smaller bathrooms, an entire feature wall created by using a coloured tile may be overwhelming. Consider using a white textured tile or tiling pattern with a light tile for a classic wow factor. Mosaics, chevron, herringbone and subway tiling all create a fantastic feature when done even on a single wall. Ideally, set your feature wall behind the vanity or a wall in the shower recess. If an entire feature wall is too much for your taste or pocket, tiling a niche in the same tile as your floor tile is an effective feature. Add a niche to your shower recess to create a decorative, yet practical shelving. If possible, for a design effect, add another niche on the same wall, perhaps under the mirrored wall cabinet or above the toilet cistern. Whichever style is your preference, let the tiling itself be the hero of the room.

Stone is always a timeless finish. Both marble and quartz are extremely popular in bathrooms, especially for vanity tops and add an elegance like none other. Faux marble porcelain tiles and terrazzo tiles are too a fantastic feature for floors and for a feature wall. Remember to keep the pallet light to give the room a sense of space.

Ensure natural light and ventilation. Natural light by way of a window or skylight is key to the aesthetics of a bathroom and prevents mould from spoiling your hard earned efforts and money spent on your newly renovated bathroom. Often a bathroom is without a window, or the window has been deleted to open up options for placement of bathroom items. Should this be the case, a skylight that opens to allow steam and humidity to escape is ideal. If a skylight is out of the question, whether it be due to budget or location ensure a good quality exhaust fan is installed for ventilation.

Gorgeous custom made vanity, large round LED switch mirror and feature geometrical floor - bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Gorgeous custom made vanity, large round LED switch mirror and feature geometrical floor – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Sensible screening is a must in small bathrooms. Shower panels do create the sense of space in the bathroom. However, not all bathrooms are suited to doorless showers. Regardless of how skilled and careful the tiler with the fall of your shower floor, there is another aspect that needs to be carefully considered and that is the water splash. When water falls from your shower rose and hits the floor it will have a splash area that cannot always be contained by a single shower panel. This is largely determined by the size of the bathroom, the type of shower head and the direction of the shower rose. The splash area should be carefully considered before opting for a doorless shower to avoid potential damage to the items in the area such as the vanity and architraves. Another notable consideration for doorless showers is their use in colder climates and times of the year. Whilst it may be quite comfortable using a doorless shower in the summer, winter time may be a little breezy, especially with the use of an extraction fan. Frameless glass shower screens are an ideal option for small bathrooms that require an enclosed shower. They can be custom made to perfectly suit the bathroom with either a sliding or pivot door and create an open sense of space while providing an enclosed shower area.

Finish fabulous with classic tapware and accessories. Chrome is a forever timeless finish for tapware, however brass and brushed metal gold tapware add a stunning feature in the bathroom. Be sure to be consistent with the same finish on all tapware and accessories to achieve a cohesive design.

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