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The way in which bathroom showers are screened has changed considerably over the years, and thankfully so. Gone are the old shower curtains that would to stick and put us in a tangle whilst showering, not to mention the mould that inevitably grew upon them requiring the curtains to be replaced. Next came ugly wired glass 3 panel sliding doors with aluminum frames, wheels and tracks that would eventually jam and were impossible to clean. Along came framed clear laminated glass with pivot doors, which were a huge improvement to the aesthetics of the bathroom and much easier to clean, however, the laminated glass would scratch, stain and etch over time, showing their age.

The event of using toughened glass for shower screens has had a huge impact on the overall design in contemporary bathrooms. With toughened glass, we now see frameless shower screens as a standard in bathroom renovations. Some homeowners do still choose to have a frame, usually black, to effect an Art Deco design. Even so, they benefit from the superior easy to clean, forever clear look that toughened glass provides. The use of toughened glass for shower screens, has in recent years, seen an increase in the use of single shower panels that effectively create a doorless shower in what then becomes a wet room.

Firstly, lets say waterproofing is integral in all bathrooms, no matter what type shower screen is used. We at Master Bathrooms & Kitchens ensure all our bathrooms are thoroughly waterproofed regardless of the shower design. So waterproofing is not the subject of this blog. Rather, our aim is to simply state the many advantages and some possible disadvantages of doorless showers to consider when choosing your shower design.

Bathroom Renovation

Stunning double shower recess with twin rainfall shower heads and hand held shower roses, twin niches, linear shower grate and frameless glass panels – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.


They look fantastic! Without doubt, doorless showers create a sleek, contemporary look that suits almost any bathroom design.

Having a doorless shower truly enhances the appearance of space, which is advantageous in all bathrooms but particularly smaller sized bathrooms.

They create an easy access shower that is ideal for those who require assistance while showering, the elderly and those with disabilities.

Single shower panels are simple and easy to clean and because of their open design, reduce humidity within the shower recess and therefore, the chance of mould growth.


Whilst the fall on the floor created within the shower area will direct the water to the shower drain, ideally a linear shower grate, the water on the floor is not the issue. It is important to consider the direction of spray and water bounce from the shower rose that may splash on other items such as the bath, vanity or toilet pan. Typically, if the bathroom space is limited, it is the bath that is within close proximity of the shower. In addition, the walls outside of the shower recess area may collect water spray. While of course this water spray will not damage tiles or the bath, be aware, wherever the water sprays or bounces from the floor, it will create water marks that may require constant wiping.

Doorless showers are open. While this may seem to be stating the obvious, due consideration should be made so to not simply choose form over function. Here in Sydney, our bathrooms are typically hot and humid throughout summer yet conversely, frigid and cold in the winter. It is in winter when we most appreciate a nice hot shower. Any draught that comes from under the bathroom door, an open window or exhaust fan will be felt whilst showering in a doorless shower. Not such an inconvenience in warmer weather however, in cooler times of the year, cold droughts may make showering quite unpleasant. This is the most significant downside of this style of shower screen that often becomes the determining factor against it. Though, there are of course options to help avoid uncomfortable showers in winter.

Bathroom Renovation

Stunning ensuite bathroom renovation with custom double vanity, above counter bowls, hardwired heated towel rail and shower recess complete with rainfall shower head with adjustable hand held shower rose, niche and frameless glass shower screen with pivot door – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

A simple alternative is to consider a complete frameless glass shower screen with a pivot door. This design will still create a contemporary look and enhance the sense of space whilst providing an enclosed, warm and protected area for you to shower. The door can pivot both ways to allow easy access and release humidity after showering and is just as easy to clean.

Under tile electric heated flooring is perfect for those who experience cold winters and prefer the sleek look of single glass panels, hence doorless showers. Heated flooring is a particularly good option for bathroom heating to consider to keep the bathroom at a cosy temperature during cooler periods and can help counter unpleasant droughts. See our blog post on the Benefits of Bathroom Electric Floor Heating

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