Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

Bathroom mirror cabinets, also known as shaving cabinets or medicine cabinets, are a fantastic way to add valuable storage space to the bathroom without crowding the room.

Bathroom Renovation

Stunning timber wall mount vanity with 3 door mirrored wall cabinet to provide an abundance of storage – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

“We have too much storage” said no person ever. Storage is an integral component of every home. No matter how beautifully designed and decorated a home may be, without adequate storage, rooms fill with clutter that simply will not fit in cabinets, cupboards or shelving spoiling the aesthetics of the interior design. Piles of clutter make things difficult to find and adds to cleaning time by having to constantly remove, then clean, then replace items. This is true for every room in the home, particularly the bathroom.

The bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in the home, yet is undeniably the most used by multiple household members daily. So ensuring adequate storage is essential to avoid clutter collecting. The bathroom is the one room that you can almost guarantee guests will ask to use whilst visiting, so there’s simply no closing the door to hide the clutter.

When renovating the bathroom, it is integral to carefully consider all possible storage options. Bathroom storage is usually predominantly provided by the vanity, which can be adequate if the bathroom area allows for a vanity large enough to accommodate items to be stored. However, in bathrooms with limited space, often the vanity is too small to hold everything.

Bathroom Renovation

Gorgeous timber wall hung vanity with recessed mirrored wall cabinet, feature marble mosaic floor and black framed semi frameless shower screen with tapware – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

Contemporary vanities have a more minimalist design. Most homeowners now opt for a wall mount vanity in their newly renovated bathrooms as they create a sense of space by showing off more floor area. Pairing a mirrored wall cabinet with a wall mount vanity is very common as this combination creates ample storage for the bathroom. While most wall mount vanities provide a decent amount of storage space, some varieties such as art deco styles, present a strong minimalist design and provide very little, if any storage at all. This is where bathroom mirror cabinets are a perfect installation to provide storage.

Regardless of what style of vanity is chosen, the inclusion of a mirrored wall cabinet is ideal as they are perfect place to store smaller bathroom toiletries freeing up space in the vanity for larger items. In addition, they provide a safe place to keep medicines, sharps and expensive creams out of reach from young children and place items at eye level, easy to see and right at your fingertips.

Mirrored wall cabinets can be purchased in store with many varieties pairing with a matching vanity, or they can be custom made to perfectly suit your bathroom design. When recessed into the wall cavity, they appear to be a mirror alone and have a streamlined finish that does not crowd the vanity area at all.

Bathroom Renovation

Stunning custom made vanity, above counter bowl with custom recessed mirrrored wall cabinet and built-in bath with frameless pivot shower screen – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

Bathroom mirror cabinets can be purchased in store in a variety of finishes and sizes with rectangular styles available in 500mm, 900mm 1200mm & 1500mm wide and round styles available in 600mm, 750mm & 900mm in diameter. Should you not be able to find the right size or style for your mirrored wall cabinet in store, having one custom made is an ideal solution to perfectly suit your bathroom.

Features that mirrored wall cabinets can include are:

  • Soft close
  • Internal powerpoints
  • Slim doors
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Internal lighting
  • Decorative exterior shelving
  • Can either be semi-recessed or completely recessed into the wall depending on depth of the wall cavity and if style allows.


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