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How to create that wow factor in small bathrooms|Master Bathrooms & Kitchens|Bathroom Renovations


Just because your bathroom is small does not mean it has to forgo that all important splash of designer flair. In fact, with some careful thought and planning, your small bathroom can look fabulous, spacious and provide you with all the function you need. Subtle features work best in smaller bathrooms when creating that wow factor. In smaller spaces, the old adage could not be more true, “less is more”! Gorgeous timber wall hung

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Main Bathroom Renovation Glenhaven


Stunning freestanding vanity with decorative niche and shaker door vanity with matching mirrored wall cabinet - bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens. This main bathroom renovation we completed in Glenhaven has a stunning transitional design that truly emphasises the best of modern and traditional styles. A neutral colour scheme was chosen by our customers to create a stunning timeless bathroom that will continue to look new and relevant for decades. The wall

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Federation Styled Bathrooms


Federation bathrooms have remained popular for one very good reason, they are simply beautiful and create a sense of luxury in your bathroom quite like no other style. Federation styled bathrooms not only provide that classic look and feel of yesteryear, they allow a more opulent style. This type of bathroom opens up options for an intricate tiling design with the use of tessellated, feature, capping and skirting tiles and is commonly seen with a distinctive patterned tiled

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Choosing a colour scheme for your Bathroom


Choosing a colour scheme for your bathroom Gorgeous black & white bathroom with floor tile used a feature wall with decorative niche - bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens. In most homes built in Sydney prior to the year 2000, the bathroom is usually what is considered a smaller space. It was traditionally a room for in and out daily hygiene. This shouldn't come as a surprise as it wasn't until around

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Caution – Wet Area


Without doubt, waterproofing is the single most integral procedure of any bathroom renovation. Waterproofing is easily the most important part of any wet area renovation. There is no point in carrying out a full bathroom renovation, creating the bathroom of your dreams without the proper waterproofing system. Without it, leaks are inevitable and these leaks no matter how small can create enormous damage. You can imagine upstairs bathrooms have the potential to leak through to

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