Including a Skylight to your Bathroom has many Benefits!

Today’s skylights are a far cry from their traditional counterparts. There are now a greater range of styles and sizes that offer an assortment of options depending upon design, requirements and budget.

Velux have changed the way in which we think of skylights. They provide a range of skylights: fixed, opening, manual, automated, and those with blind versions to block out light and heat that suit all home designs from contemporary through to traditional. They also offer blinds that reduce/ block light and heat in a range of colours to blend with interior colour schemes and rain sensor automatic close options.

These types of skylights not only add natural light that provides a welcoming effect, but create an amazing feature in any room in the home. Though they are especially beneficial in bathrooms.

Here are 3 fantastic benefits of bathroom skylights:

Natural Light.

Bathrooms are often a small space and many have only a modest window that provides very limited natural light. Skylights allow natural light to flood the bathroom during the day reducing electricity consumption.

The abundance of natural light from a skylight allows for darker moody colour schemes to be used without making the bathroom appear enclosed and claustrophobic.

Mould thrives is dark areas. The natural light from a skylight inhibits it’s growth ensuring that your newly renovated bathroom continues to look new with crisp white grout.

Cosmetic application is better performed in a natural light setting as it provides a true reflection of just how well blended (or not) efforts have been prior to leaving the house.

Bathroom Renovation

Stunning skylight with moody hues create a sanctuary in the comfort of home – Bathroom Renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Ventilation (plus heating & cooling)

Here in Sydney, bathrooms are typically uncomfortably cold in winter and hot and humid in the summer months. The natural light from a skylight will gently warm a bathroom in the cooler months which is a saving for heating expenses. On those warmer days to prevent the room becoming too warm, simply close the blind during the hottest parts of the day to keep the bathroom cool.

While there are heating options available, such as heated flooring and heat lamps to raise the temperature of our frigid bathrooms in winter, controlling the humidity and heat in a bathroom in the summer is entirely a different factor to contend with.

Even for those bathrooms that do have a decent sized window to allow light, in most cases, the privacy required from neighboring homes prevents homeowners from throwing the blinds and window open wide enough to allow sufficient light and ventilation.

This is a where opening skylights shine. Hot air rises. Opening skylights allow for the steam from the shower to escape, assisting the extraction fans. In addition, the natural air flow from opening skylights reduces the humidity and temperature within the bathroom. Which is another great way to avoid mould.

Watch our quick snippet of these skylights in operation:


Note: exhaust fans are essential in all bathrooms.


Natural light has a warm and welcoming effect in any interior space. Yet skylights offer far more than additional light. They create an aesthetic appeal that adds form, opening the area and drawing the eye upward, enhancing a sense of space that completely transforms the entire room. This appeal is beneficial for any interior and is particularly beneficial for bathrooms.

Skylights bring the outdoors in. Whether it’s by day or night, there is nothing quite as relaxing as bathing under an open sky gazing at either stars or clouds.

Kitchen Renovation

Bringing the outside in for the perfect entertainers kitchen – kitchen renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

They are an amazing addition to any interior space. Kitchens and adjoining family areas are another fantastic area in which to add a skylight as shown here in one of our kitchen renovation projects.

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