Create a stunning small bathroom space – How to make your small bathroom appear larger.

Not all bathrooms have a large space. Many main bathrooms have just enough space for a vanity, toilet, shower, and bath and require a carefully designed layout to accommodate them all. Ensuite bathrooms and powder rooms are typically of a smaller size with enough room for only a small vanity, toilet and shower as is the case for an ensuite bathroom.

For many homeowners, dealing with a restricted space when renovating, can become somewhat of a challenge when making important decisions such as tile colour, style of vanity etc. We have some helpful tips to follow to help guide you when making selections.

Bathroom Renovation

Gorgeous timber wall hung vanity with recessed mirrored wall cabinet, marble mosaic floor, textured feature wall, and black framed semi frameless shower screen with tapware – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

Keep it light and keep it bright.

Lighter hues work best in small spaces. White tiles are crisp, clean and enhance the appearance of space, as opposed to more moody colour schemes that can appear oppressive in a small bathroom. White doesn’t have to be boring. There are number of ways to add character to the bathroom when using white tiles. Of course white is not the only choice when selecting a tile colour for a small bathroom. Light neutrals and soft pastels can work well too.

Rather than using a colour tile for a feature wall, why not consider a white tile with texture? Textured tiles can be with a raised pattern or can be faux or natural stone and all make a fantastic feature. The key is to keep it light.

When designing any room, there should be only one hero. That is, one major focal point, so as to not create too busy a space visually. A feature need not be made with tile. Vanities are available in a great range of designs, colours and styles and are capable of being a fantastic feature in themselves. Solid timber wall mount vanities are a perfect example of this and when placed on a white wall, create an amazing organic effect.

Choose to create a feature floor with a patterned tile. Remember the key is to keep it light. So choose a tile that has a white background for the pattern. A good choice for colour is to turn to a classic colour pallet such as black and white or white with neutrals such a muted blue, grey and beige. This ensures that whatever tile you choose will continue to look new and relevant for decades, rather than becoming dated just a few years down the track.

When a bathroom is tiled to the ceiling it draws the eye upward, enhancing not just the width and depth of the room, but also its height. Tiling to the ceiling has the added advantage of not having to apply a fresh coat of paint on the bathroom walls to keep the room looking fresh. Tiles outside of the shower recess, providing good ventilation is installed, as it always should be, simply require a quick dust with a duster or dry cloth to be cleaned.

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Gorgeous double wall mount vanity with 4 door mirrored wall cabinet and stunning feature wall – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

Use reflection.

Reflection has long been used in interior design to create the appearance of space. Reflection tricks the eye into doubling the size of a room. The most obvious way to use reflection is with a mirror, and no bathroom would be complete without one. Consider a large rectangular mirror or an oversized round mirror for the ultimate effect. Better still, when dealing with a small bathroom, storage is most often limited to a small sized vanity.

Consider installing a large recessed mirrored wall cabinet for your bathroom mirror and take advantage of both its reflective properties and additional storage space? When a mirrored wall cabinet is recessed into the wall cavity it appears to be a mirror alone and does not crowd the basin area, creating a sleek and seamless finish.

Gloss tiles are another fantastic way to take advantage of reflection in the bathroom. Obviously, gloss tiles are unsuitable for any bathroom floor as they create a slip hazard, although choosing a high gloss tile for the walls allows more light reflection and will add to the appearance of space.

Let there be light.

Light plays an integral part in creating the illusion of space. A room that receives an abundance of natural light will appear more spacious than a room that does not. In a bathroom, natural light can be achieved in two ways, either through a window or through a skylight. Be sure that whatever window coverings are chosen for the bathroom window allow as much natural light throughout the day as possible. This will not only add to the appearance of space, but help prevent mould from forming.

Not all bathrooms have access to window space, or at times the window is small and may not receive sufficient natural light throughout the day. This is where a skylight can be beneficial. There are a number of options for bathroom skylights today. From the simple solar tube types right through to the impressive Velux skylights that have automatic blinds and open to add ventilation. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, a skylight has many benefits and should be considered.

Bathroom Renovation

Floating solid timber vanity is stunning on white tiles & brings the outside in creating a spa feel – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Wall mount vanities.

As previously mentioned, wall mount vanities are perfect for small bathroom spaces. As wall mount vanities are raised off the floor, they show off more floor area and therefore enhance the appearance of space by way of the visual expanse of floor tiling. Again, feature floors are an ideal design feature for small bathrooms and when coupled with a wall mount vanity, creates a bathroom design that works incredibly well.

Frameless glass shower screens and panels.

Toughened glass has dramatically changed the look of contemporary shower areas and help create a fantastic bathroom design. It allows for a shower barrier or complete enclosure to can be created out of clear and frameless glass without closing off the shower area to the rest of the bathroom. While framed screens and opaque glass can be an option for larger bathrooms, a smaller bathroom is better suited to both the frameless glass options.

In-wall cisterns.

Less is more, especially in a small space. An in-wall cistern is the ultimate in minimalist, space saving design. As the name suggests, the cistern mechanism and plumbing is completely concealed within the wall cavity, providing the sleekest of toilet designs. In-wall cisterns exude luxury and are the perfect solution for those bathroom spaces where every inch of space saving counts.

Bathroom Renovation

Gorgeous herringbone tiled feature wall with niche, chrome rainfall shower head and adjustable hand held shower rose – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Niches for shelving.

Shelves have and will always play an important roll in interior design. Though when it comes to a cramped and somewhat small bathroom space, look no further than a bathroom niche for your shelving. This is particularly true in the shower recess and over the bath where bumps and scrapes are often incurred from traditional shelving. A bathroom niche is not just a practical solution for shelving, but is also a beautiful feature.

Whether you choose to create a sleek design with the same tile as your walls or a contrast feature tile to make the niche pop, a niche is a design option that should be considered in all bathrooms. Twin niches in both the shower recess and over the bath are a popular choice for homeowners and is a design that creates wow factor. Consider lighting your niches with LED strip lighting to create a stunning feature and an ambient, calming light that is perfect to relax and unwind to when bathing.

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