Creating a feature in your bathroom with floor tiles.

Tiling is a major component of the bathroom. The colour and size of tile along with the pattern in which it is laid on both walls and the floor will largely dictate the overall design and aesthetics of the bathroom. Feature tiles break the monotony of standard tiles and add character to the bathroom. Tiling an entire wall or part thereof with a feature tile is often a way homeowners choose to add a focal point, though tiling the bathroom floor with a feature tile can also create makes a fantastic statement in the bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation

Gorgeous timber wall hung vanity with recessed mirrored wall cabinet, feature marble mosaic floor and black framed semi frameless shower screen with tapware – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

Choosing to create a feature floor, rather than a feature wall, has one very important benefit. A feature floor makes such a statement, it becomes the hero of the room. This allows the walls to be white creating a fresh, bright and spacious bathroom.

You are truly limited only by your imagination when it comes to creating a feature floor. There are a great variety of tiles from which to choose. Whether it be a mosaic tile, patterned tile, faux timber tile or a faux stone tile such as marble or terrazzo, all will create a stunning feature. Perhaps rather than purchasing a patterned tile, using the tile itself to create a pattern would better suit your aesthetic. One extremely popular tile pattern is herringbone tiling, which looks incredible on the floor.

Feature floors are ideal for smaller sized bathrooms. When the bathroom area is limited, a feature wall may be overpowering and make the room appear cramped. Whereas, tiling the walls white and the floor with a feature tile will add much needed character while creating the sense of space.

Stunning double slipper freestanding bath, wall hung vanity, round mirror, chrome tapware and geometric floor tile - bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Stunning double slipper freestanding bath, wall hung vanity, round mirror, chrome tapware and geometric floor tile – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

When the bathroom is of a larger size the feature floor tile can be brought up and tiled on the bath face or a nib wall to enhance the visual effect. Another fantastic way to create a cohesive design is to tile the niche in the shower or over bath in the feature floor tile.

With such an array of vanity styles and colours available, more homeowners are attracted to darker tones for their vanities. Particularly, black or solid timber or timber veneer vanities, depending on what budget is available to work with, are becoming more popular with more natural elements being sought in interior design. These vanities are quite a feature in themselves and can at times be lost, or their effect subdued when positioned on a feature tile. A feature floor with white walls however, allows the entire effect of the vanities design to be completely appreciated within the bathroom design rather than being lost by a feature wall.

Whatever your individual taste, it’s worth considering a feature floor for your bathroom renovation.

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