Create a Timeless Bathroom Design with a Touch of Timber – Why you should consider natural elements in your bathroom renovation.

Renovating a bathroom is an investment in both time and money. One that most homeowners can afford to do once, perhaps twice, in their lifetime. So when renovating the bathroom it makes sense to select a design and colour scheme that will look not only beautiful now, but continue to have a new and relevant appeal for decades.

Bathroom Renovation

Floating timber vanity brings the outside in creating a spa feel – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

There are a number of factors to creating a timeless design. The colour scheme and material choice for tiles and other PC items (aka prime cost items eg vanity, bath etc) play a major roll in determining the overall design of the bathroom. Choosing timeless colour schemes and materials will ensure that your new bathroom won’t date just a few short years down the track.

One such timeless material is timber. Timber is a natural element that adds character and warmth to the bathroom. As tiles cover the majority of the area of the bathroom, the inclusion of timber, or timber look materials, has an instant warming effect. Timber also has the organic effect of bringing the outside in, creating a serene and calming spa like space in which to escape the day to day.

The bathroom has become a place where we like to relax and unwind.Homeowners tend to look to hotels and spas for inspiration for their bathroom design to create a little sanctuary in the comfort of home.Hotels and spas alike commonly use timber in their bathrooms to create that classic yet calming environment for their guests.

Timber is a material that comes in a wide variety of types and stains that suit any bathroom style. Whether it be dark or light, rustic or contemporary, a touch of timber is a stunning in bathrooms.

Feature walls

Timber look tiles are a fantastic way to create a feature wall in the bathroom.Timber look or faux timber tiles are in fact a porcelain tile with a timber type pattern that provides the look of timber without the high maintenance and risk of natural timber in a wet environment.They are available in a variety of “stain” colours to suit any home decor.Whilst timber tiles will work with almost any colour scheme, white and timber is a gorgeous effect.Tiling all the walls in a standard white wall tile with a single feature wall tiled in a timber tile adds a beautiful focal point in the bathroom.The feature wall may be placed in the shower recess, set behind a white bath or a white vanity.The contrast of the white and timber is stunning.

Feature floors

Is a feature wall too overpowering for your bathroom space?Smaller sized bathrooms are often better suited to a feature floor rather than an entire feature wall.If the bathroom area is quite small, a timber feature wall may overpower the room and make it appear even smaller.Creating a feature floor with a timber tile is a way to add character and warmth to the bathroom while leaving the walls in a white or lighter colour tile.Timber tiles work particularly well with homes that have natural timber and floating timber flooring throughout their hallways and living areas.This creates a seamless flow between the bathroom and other floor areas.


Bathroom Renovation

Gorgeous timber tiles with white single slipper free standing bath with timber tile feature wall with decorative niche – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.


Timber vanities are a beautiful way to create a feature in the bathroom.Set on a white or light coloured wall, the contrast of the timber and tile has an inviting effect.Whether it be floor or wall mount, there are a larger variety in store to choose from than ever before, as manufacturers have recognised the shift toward organic styles. Manufacturers have responded by making a larger range of species, grain directions and stains in their ranges.Should you not be able to find a timber vanity that satisfies your particular taste, have one custom made to perfectly suit your bathroom design.

Solid timber wall mount vanities are particularly popular and create a stunning effect in the bathroom.Is solid timber not in your budget? Timber laminate varieties have greatly improved in both design and quality and have the same feature and warming effect of solid timber.Engineered stone tops are particularly popular with timber vanities just as having a white vanity with a timber top is equally on trend; the choice is simply a matter of individual preference.That said, an engineered stone top is more durable than natural timber and does not require sealing maintenance.

Stunning timber walll hung vanity, mirrored shaving cabinet & back to walll free standing bath. Bathroom Renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Stunning timber walll hung vanity, mirrored shaving cabinet & back to walll double ended free standing bath. Bathroom Renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Adding a touch of timber in your bathroom has a beautiful, warming effect.Whether you choose one of the above mentioned ways or simply choose timber shelves, a timber bath caddy or timber stool, adding a touch of timber is a timeless effect.

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