Herringbone Tiles – A Timeless Design Choice

Tiling plays a major role in the design of bathrooms and kitchens. Walls, floors and splashbacks are main focal points of both rooms. The tile chosen and the pattern in which they are laid can direct the overall design of the room.

Bathroom Renovation

Beautiful custom wall mount vanity with custom recessed mirrored wall cabinet with stunning herringbone tile feature wall – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

The past decade has seen most homeowners opting for large tiles laid in a standard block pattern to effect a contemporary look in their bathrooms and completely sway from tiling altogether in their kitchens by either installing glass or stone for their splashbacks. Although more recently, we have seen printed & patterned tiles and intricate tiling styles become increasingly popular in both bathrooms and kitchens to enhance design.

Tiling patterns can instantly transform a standard rectangular tile into a stunning feature and there is no other tiling style more popular at the moment than the forever classic herringbone tile pattern.

The herringbone pattern is a formed by arranging rectangular tiles to provide a focal point. It is a pattern that is centuries old and is used for parquetry timber floors, paving and tiling and has over the years become synonymous with what is recognised as classic design. Tiles are laid at a 45 degree angle on the wall or floor and each rectangular tile is laid at 90 degrees to the one adjacent to create its unique fish bone pattern.

Herringbone Tile

Popular herringbone tile patterns.

This pattern can be used on the floor to enhance a sense of space or on a singular wall or part thereof, to effect a gorgeous feature that adds character to the room. There are three commonly used variations to the herringbone pattern being single, double and square (also referred to as 90 degree). Single herringbone is the most commonly requested and is a gorgeous effect for bathroom walls, floors and kitchen splashbacks. The direction of the pattern may be manipulated to change the direction of the fish bone effect whether it be vertical as with the traditional 45 degree herringbone or diagonal as with square 90 degree herringbone.

Bathroom Renovation

Herringbone tile feature floor – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

The tile chosen need not be expensive to have an impact. The pattern itself exudes luxury and makes an eye catching feature all on its own. While the tile need not be expensive, it should be of good quality to avoid chipping while being cut, thus spoiling its effect. Herringbone tile pattern can be created with individual tiles or with herringbone mosaic sheets. The grout colour chosen can either be in a contrast to make the pattern pop for a contemporary look or blend in for a softer, traditional design.

As with other tiling patterns, herringbone tile is a little more expensive to lay than standard block tiling. While it is true that herringbone pattern is somewhat easier to lay than other complicated patterns, it poses a level of difficulty that requires more time to lay than larger tiles laid with a regular pattern. So be mindful to account for this extra labour expense to your bathroom or kitchen renovation budget. On the plus side, this tiling pattern has such a design impact, it does not require a large expanse to create a gorgeous feature. Choosing a splashback, niche, single wall or floor alone, becomes the feature of the room. The area need not be large.

Gorgeous custom made vanity & shaving cabinet with wall mounted tap, above counter bowl & herringbone tile splashback - bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

Gorgeous custom made vanity & shaving cabinet with wall mounted tap, above counter bowl & herringbone tile splashback – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

There are a variety tiles in an array of colours that are suitable for the herringbone pattern. You truly are limited only by your imagination and taste. Herringbone mosaic sheets now come in a greater range of options due to the popularity of this tile design and are available in store with hues of whites, greys, beiges, blacks to stone, concrete and timber. Whatever your colour scheme or design choice, herringbone tile pattern is one to consider to create an eye catching and timeless bathroom or kitchen to envy.

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