Planning to renovate your Laundry? Here’s where to start.

Contemporary laundries offer a greater diversity of design than ever before. Today’s newly built and renovated laundries are both fabulous and functional. Many homes now have an open plan with a bathroom or powder room adjoining the laundry for guests to frequent which has taken this room from behind closed doors to be admired and envied by family and friends.

Laundry Renovation

Custom cabinetry, twin front loading washer & dryer, stone benchtop & gorgeous hexagon tiled splashback with undercabinet lighting – laundry renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Function First

Storage and function is key to creating a laundry that has an efficient working space whilst presenting as an area that blends harmoniously with home design. Ensuring adequate storage for all cleaning appliances and products is imperative to create an appealing, well organised space that is easy to work in. Long storage for vacuums, ironing boards etc and wall cabinet storage for keeping cleaning products out of sight and out of reach from little fingers are essential.

Plan & Plumbing

Determining the measurements and placement of your washer and dryer is a good starting point for your laundry renovation. While most homeowners tend to choose front loading machines, there are still many who swear by top loading types. Which type of washer is simply a matter of individual preference. Regardless of which type of machine you choose, careful planning of the laundry layout is key to allowing for as much storage and benchtop space as possible.

Placement of your washer will be determined by where the current plumbing is located or if plumbing can be moved. Relocating exposed taps and hose for the washing machine from the wall to the inside of floor cabinetry creates a neat and streamlined look hiding away ugly plumbing. Whether your washer and dryer can be stacked, as is the case with front loading machines, or if they will sit side by side is a matter of preference and space available. If space allows, having your washer and dryer sit side by side tucked under a bench top allows for more valuable folding and sorting area for laundry day.

Cabinetry & Storage

The laundry is the place where most store their mops, brooms, vacuum cleaners and ironing boards, so having a long cupboard to store these items is preferable. Most cleaning products, chemicals and various items for pets are stored in the laundry, so it is an advantage to have wall cupboards or shelving to keep these items out of reach from young children. Having a designated cupboard to house a laundry basket or creating a laundry hamper drawer with twin baskets to separate whites and colours keeps dirty washing out of sight.

Cabinets can be custom made to perfectly suit your laundry area and avoids the need for shelves. Although, pretty containers and baskets set on a shelf can give a laundry a little character, wall cabinets are a better option than open shelving as they keep stored items out of sight and prevents dust collecting on items. Keeping everything stored away inside cabinets keeps the laundry neat, tidy and guest ready.

That is not to say that shelving should not be used at all. A little decorative shelving in the laundry adds character and warmth to this utilitarian space. Though, ideally it should be used for decor or a single daily used item such as washing powder or pegs. It is best to limit items stored on shelves to reduce unnecessary cleaning, as they will collect extra dust from the dryer.

Drying rods are an ideal addition to the laundry. They’re perfect for drying delicates indoors, or for those items that cannot be tumble dried in wet weather conditions. These rods are also of benefit for those who do their ironing inside the laundry room.

Laundry renovation

Custom white cabinetry with marble creates a gorgeous design – Laundry renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.


The size of the sink is determined largely by space available and the preference of the homeowner. Some prefer a large laundry sink for washing pets, while others require only a small sink to hand wash and soak the occasional item and benefit from a greater amount of bench space . Before starting your laundry renovation, consider what is most important to you if space is limited.

Colour Scheme

Having the cabinetry and benchtop in the laundry match the kitchen is a great option. Should the budget be tight, the material for cabinets and benchtop need not be exactly the same material used as the kitchen, but of the same colour has equal effect. Should there be a bathroom such as a powder room located via the laundry, consider using the same tiles or colour scheme to create a cohesive design. If the laundry room is quite small, opting for a lighter coloured cabinetry is optimal as it will create the appearance of more space.

Colour and character can be added with a tiled splashback if desired. The splashback tile can be the same colour as the floor tile or it can be a feature tile such as faux marble, patterned tiles or mosaics.

Consider using the same or similar floor tile and feature tile that has been used in the bathroom or kitchen to create consistency throughout the home.


Ventilation is imperative to avoid mould and odours. While most laundries contain a window or door to the outside, dryers are best if they are vented directly outside. If this is not an option, ensure an exhaust fan is installed to prevent moisture and humidity.

Under cabinet lighting is an inexpensive way to add some wow factor in your laundry. It is a great feature lighting and serves as a soft light to illuminate the area for those with adjoining bathrooms or powder rooms.

Power points are important in the laundry not only for the washer and dryer but for those who iron in the laundry and for chargeable appliances such as hand and stick vacuums. Ensure adequate power points are installed and consider their placement carefully when renovating.

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