How to a Create a stunning Bathroom & Laundry Combination

The decision to combine a bathroom and laundry is usually made for one of two reasons.  To provide an extra bathroom for guests by adding a bathroom to the laundry room. Or to create an indoor laundry in an apartment by adding the  laundry to the bathroom.

Whatever the reason, creating a bathroom/ laundry combination is a budget-wise and sensible way to unite these two rooms. However, that doesn’t mean that a bathroom/ laundry combination has to forgo aesthetic appeal. With a carefully planned layout and creative design, a combined bathroom and laundry can be both fabulous and functional.

Combining these two utilitarian spaces is convenient on a number of levels.  Both the bathroom and laundry are considered wet rooms and require waterproofing.  Therefore, adding a laundry area to a bathroom or alternatively, a bathroom area in a laundry, is a cost effective two for one. Additionally, plumbing is simpler to accommodate as both rooms have existing plumbing. Perhaps most convenient, is clothes can be placed straight into the laundry basket for washing straight after showering rather than piling on the bathroom floor.

Bathroom Laundry Combination

White custom cabinetry upon a charcoal feature wall creates a stunning bathroom laundry combination – by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

It is important to ensure the laundry does not dictate the overall look of the room.  This can be achieved by either hiding the laundry or creating a cohesive design between the two areas.

Hiding the laundry away out of sight can be done by using bifold or sliding door types, stacking the washer and dryer and utilising smart storage for laundry items.

Custom cabinetry and the attractive compact appliances that are available today have greatly improved laundry room aesthetics and have allowed the laundry to become a design feature that does not need to be hidden away.  So creating an cohesive design between the two areas is a fantastic option and has the ability for creating a stunning design.


An ideal way to create a cohesive design between the bathroom and laundry areas is to utilise custom cabinetry for both the laundry and vanity cabinets.  Using the same door fronts and handles for both instantly blends the two areas into one.  The same approach should be taken with the vanity and laundry benchtop.  A luxurious and durable top is engineered stone, which is non porous and comes in a great variety of colours and designs that mimic natural stone for a stunning feature. Should the budget be tight, simply ensuring that both vanity top and laundry benchtop are of the same colour (such as white) is sufficient.

Include a little decorative shelving with the wall cabinets.  When designing custom cabinetry for the laundry, it is ideal to have cabinets to store those less attractive items away from view and incorporate a little open shelving to show off a decor piece or two that will add character and warmth to the room.  This can flow to the vanity area by way of a mirror wall cabinet with decorative shelving.  Rather than just hanging a bathroom mirror, installing a mirrored wall cabinet (shaving cabinet) provides extra storage for bathroom toiletries and can be purchased or be custom made with decorative shelving.  When mirrored wall cabinets are recessed into the wall cavity, these mirrored wall cabinets appear to be a mirror alone creating a seamless finish and do not crowd the vanity basin area.


The tapware for the washing machine can be conveniently hidden inside the laundry cabinetry and allows for the splashback area to be used as a feature.  Ensuring the accessories and tapware for laundry sink, vanity and shower recess are the same finish will further enhance the cohesive flow in the room.

Laundry Renovation

Gorgeous custom white cabinetry, timber benchtop & marble tiled splashback with LED strip lighting – laundry renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.


Tiling is a major element of a bathroom and plays an important roll in the design and character of the room. This is not quite the case in a laundry where the cabinetry usually takes center stage. In the case of a bathroom and laundry combination, the choice between the two is a matter of personal taste and preference. It is recommended that the walls be tiled to ceiling height for both aesthetics and extra humidity created by shower, washing machine and dryer.

The key is to consider the size and depth of the room. If the room is a larger space, darker tones by way of either tile or cabinetry can be considered.  If a dark and ornate cabinetry is chosen, the wall tiles should be light creating a contrast and allowing the cabinetry to be the feature.  Alternatively, if a darker tone tile is chosen to create a feature wall, the cabinetry should be light.

Should the room be limited with space, keep it light with a smaller feature such as a tiled splashback over the laundry area and/ or a matching tiled wall in the shower recess. Alternatively, forgo walk features altogether and create feature floor to add character and that wow factor.

Keeping it light and bright will enhance the appearance of space.

Other considerations.

Saving space or creating the illusion of space is a common factor in most bathrooms and laundries and is even more important when combining the two.

Save space by using custom made cabinetry for the vanity and laundry cabinets rather than flat pack and store bought types.  This will ensure that you  utilise every inch of space available without wasting space.

Create the illusion of space by keeping the room light and bright.

Use a frameless glass shower screen or panel for the shower recess.

Consider a wall mount vanity to show off more floor area to enhance the sense of space.

Ensure good ventilation is installed.  As previously mentioned, humidity will be higher in this room with the combination of shower, washer and dryer.  Be sure to paint the ceiling with a high quality mould and mildew proof paint.

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