With the fast paced schedules most live, any appliance or addition that can make life easier is an advantage. When renovating a kitchen it is important to consider all possible inclusions and take advantage of modern technology. Instant hot water taps have been around for a while, although they are now also available with chilled water and sparkling water all in one installations proving them to be even more of an asset in the kitchen. No longer restricted to a utilitarian look, modern instant taps are available in a variety of stylish designs and finishes to match any kitchen design.

Polyurethane kitchen with Zip Water Classic HydroTap

Polyurethane kitchen with Zip Water Classic HydroTap – Kitchen Renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

There are a number of advantages for insta taps:

Time saving. The main advantage is in the name, instant. Instant boiling hot or chilled water whenever you want it. No more waiting for the kettle to boil or for water to chill in the fridge.

Space saving. Having an instant boiling hot water tap saves benchtop space by removing the need for a kettle at all. Having instant chilled water saves space in the fridge as there is no more need for water bottles.

Great Designs. Their unobtrusive design blends into any kitchen and are available in styles to suit any decor.

They make cooking a breeze. Having instant boiling water makes adding hot water to recipes a breeze and avoids reducing the temperature of the pot when adding water. Instant noodles, porridge, gravies and other such products are now even more instant.

Blanching tomatoes and other fruits to remove skins has never been quite so quick and easy.

Entertaining has never been easier with instant boiling hot water. No more boiling the kettle over and over again to serve every guest a cup of tea or coffee.

Filtered water on tap. The insta hot and chilled water taps provide water filtered from dirt, sediment, chlorine, bad taste and odour.

Hydration made easy. We should all drink more water and having instant chilled water makes it extremely convenient to do so. Filling bottles prior to work, school or going to the gym with chilled water is as quick and easy as pressing a button.

Ambient water option is available to those who dislike chilled water.

If you’re a sparkling water fan you’ll love the sparkling water option. Whether you buy and store your sparkling water in the fridge or if you use a soda stream, having this option will save you space and provide convenience.

It is important to consider the space where the unit is to be located, which is usually under the kitchen sink. These units have in recent years reduced considerably in size, however, it is important to speak with your kitchen renovator or cabinet maker, plumber and electrician regarding its location prior to purchasing one.


The two market leaders in Australia for insta taps are Zip Water and Billi. Both offer boiled, chilled, ambient and sparkling options. Billi offers a variety of stylish finishes, however Zip Water has the Celsius Arc and Celsius Cube design taps that complete a more modern look. Both companies have the option for a separate insta tap, that is separate to your main sink tap. Zip Water offer the advantage of the All-In-One Hydrotap which combines all of the hydro tap features with the added benefit of hot and cold unfiltered water for washing up negating the need for two separate taps.

Whatever your preference of design and options, including an insta tap in your kitchen renovation is a convenience that you’ll appreciate many times each day.

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