The kitchen is considered the Hub of the home. It is without doubt the most used room of the house. When renovating, home owners need to carefully plan their kitchen renovation to be sure the end result is not only pleasing to the eye but one that creates the most efficient work space possible. So if you’re looking to renew your kitchen, its design should meet your everyday needs and include the latest designs and technology. We cover our must have features for your new kitchen.

Our must have features to include in your kitchen renovation:

Under Cabinet Lighting

No matter how effective the lighting in your kitchen, under cabinet lighting is essential. When meal prepping and cooking, having only a light above us tends to create a shadow over the area in which we are working. Under cabinet lighting ensures adequate lighting direct to your chopping board or directly over your cooktop for the best visibility. In addition to being a practical type of lighting, it is also quite a feature lighting when used on its own or to highlight a decorative splashback.

Prep Sink/ Second Sink

The kitchen sink is arguably the most used item in the kitchen. Regardless of this common phrase, the kitchen sink is not an item to be left behind. When prepping meals, the sink can become quite congested with utensils, cutting boards, plates etc. creating an inefficient work space.

Having a separate sink is especially useful when two people are using the kitchen at the same time, meaning one can wash and prepare vegetables, whilst the other is washing up. It can be quite a life saver when entertaining and can also make cleaning up after a meal a two person job halving your cleaning time.

The main sink is typically a large, deep, double bowl sink and the second sink/ prep sink is placed on a separate bench and can be as small or as large as your design allows.

Flexible Hose Kitchen Sink Mixer

Flexible hose mixers are ideal for kitchen use as they reach all corners of the sink and allow greater control of water spray. They are particularly useful when washing vegetables, rice and cleaning large pots. Teamed with a mixer tap which are ideal for flicking water on/ off and adjusting water temperature with just one hand avoiding dangerous juggling.

Pull Out Bin/ Hidden Garbage

No more unsightly bins sitting by the side of your cabinets. Incorporating a pull out bin in your kitchen is an ideal way to deal with waste and recycling. These pull out bins are usually installed in the cabinet under your kitchen sink making good use of this awkward space due to plumbing.

Garbage & Recycling cabinets are becoming more popular and are essentially a cabinet pullout that hides your waste and recycling. Simply pull open the cabinet and the containers slide out and then easily slide back to remain out of sight.

Remember that the ideal placement for your bin, whichever type you choose is close to your sink. Click HERE to read our article on Tips for Designing your Kitchen Layout

Zip HydroTap

These taps are the ultimate in technology and convenience. With just a quick flick of a button they provide boiling and chilled water instantly. You can completely do away with your kettle leaving you more bench space. No more need for water bottles in your fridge taking up precious room. They come in 6 designs and 12 contemporary colours to compliment any kitchen decor.

Bench Space

There is no such thing as too much bench space. Bench space within the kitchen is essential. Obviously the size of your kitchen will dictate exactly how much bench space will be available to you, however there are two areas that require adequate bench space that should not be overlooked.

It is imperative to have bench space either side of the kitchen sink for stacking dirty and clean plates whilst washing up. This said, many homeowners who make regular use of their dishwasher, do not require the use of a dish rack and only require bench space for stacking dirty dishes prior to rinsing. This means that the best placement for your dishwasher is just to the side of your sink.

Ensure to have bench space free for your ingredients next to your cook top so that they are close at hand to add to your cooking. This will avoid leaving your pots and pans to over boil or burn. Click HERE to see our tips for your designing kitchen layout.

Range Hood

Good ventilation within the kitchen is imperative. When cooking gasses, odours, heat and steam develop. These are not only unpleasant, but can be potentially dangerous if inhaled by those closest to it. Heat and steam can also damage your wall cabinets. With a simple push of a button, range hoods will suck these undesirable particles out of the kitchen. This reduces the level of toxic air and reduces the growth of bacteria and mould.

Generally there are two types of range hoods; Ducted range hoods expel air outside the house via a ducted vent. Recirculating range hoods clean the air using a charcoal filter and then recirculates the air back into the kitchen.

Range hoods come in a variety of styles such as canopy range hoods, island range hoods, fixed range hoods and retractable range hoods all of which can be found in a variety of finishes and colours to match any kitchen decor.

Smart Storage

The kitchen requires the most storage space of any room in the house. With so many different items to store it is integral to be smart about your cupboard space.

Having deep drawers within the kitchen is perfect for storing your pots and pans but they can store other items as well such as Tupperware or plates and bowls.

Vertical storage is ideal for all of your oven trays, pizza pans, cutting boards etc.

Pullout pantries are the perfect solution for those unable to have a walk-in pantry. Rather than having to reach to the back of the cupboard to grab your desired item, with a pullout pantry the door is pulled opened bringing the internal shelves with it making everything easily accessible.

Integrated/ Built-in Fridge

These fridges are designed to be completely integrated into your kitchen cabinets without its performance being affected after being built in. They offer a seamless, contemporary look and come in variety of styles and sizes to suit any family. Be sure to speak with your kitchen renovator regarding dimensions.

Informal dining

Its lovely to sit together as a family at the dinner table, however lets face it, it is impractical for every meal, particularly breakfast when everything is rushed. This is where informal dining becomes essential in the kitchen. Rather than having a separate kitchen table, a kitchen island is an ideal way to incorporate informal dining in your kitchen whilst adding valuable bench space at the same time. Simply add bar stools and pendant lights and your set with a fabulous feature. Incorporating your sink, dishwasher and pullout bin into your kitchen island makes cleaning up after a meal effortless. Click HERE to read our article for Kitchen Cleaning Tips & Caring for your new Kitchen.

Charging Station

It wasn’t all that long ago that it was common to have a computer station incorporated in the kitchen and it made sense at the time. Now with laptops, iPads and iPhones, the fixed computer is almost a thing of the past. This said, we still require a place in which to charge all of our different devices and while keeping them close at hand. Adding a charging station hides all of your devices and their chargers in either a drawer or cupboard.

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