What people want most when doing a Bathroom Renovation

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What people want most when doing a Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is no longer considered a purely utilitarian room.  Bathrooms today are designed to be warm and welcoming, offering a spa like sanctuary after a long hard day.

Doing a bathroom renovation is the perfect time to include those “Oh, I wish I had” items we have spied when paging through home magazines or our friends bathrooms.  So what do people want most when doing a bathroom renovation?

Bathroom renovation with free standing bath and wall hung vanity

Bathroom renovation with free standing bath and wall hung vanity

What people want most when doing a bathroom renovation:

Free Standing Baths:

There is nothing quite like the look of a free standing bath.  A free standing bath creates a statement of luxury within a bathroom.  Of course a free standing bath is not suitable for all bathrooms, especially when space is limited.  However, free standing baths come in various sizes to suit smaller sized bathrooms and in an array of different designs to suit any bathroom style.  Speak with your bathroom renovator about space saving layouts that may help to incorporate this fabulous piece.

Stunning wall hung vanity, free standing bath and semi-frameless shower screen

Stunning wall hung vanity, free standing bath and semi-frameless shower screen

Wall Hung Vanities with Under Cabinet Lighting:

Wall hung vanities create a beautiful feature in the bathroom and add to the appearance of space by showing off more floor area.  Choose above counter bowls to create a beautiful feature.  Wall hung vanities are incredibly practical as they make cleaning the bathroom floor a breeze.

Couple this piece with under cabinet lighting for a stunning feature that is also extremely practical.  Under cabinet lighting is the perfect soft lighting to illuminate the floor area in the middle of the night avoiding startling the light that burns out retinas and disturbs other members of the household that are sleeping.  Under cabinet lighting can be set to a sensor to turn on with movement and a timer to turn off automatically. 

Under cabinet lighting & decorative shelved shaving cabinet

Under cabinet lighting & decorative shaving cabinet

Wall hung vanities come in both deep drawer options and the more traditional cabinet and drawer options.  The deep drawer option is quite popular as it keeps all toiletries at your fingertips.  If extra storage is required, many homeowners choose to install a mirrored shaving cabinet to house extra toiletries.

Shaving cabinets come in an array of styles to match the vanity and many have decorative shelving to add to bathroom decor.  Shaving cabinets can also be recessed into the wall so they appear to be a mirror alone creating a sleek design and adding the appearance of space.

Gorgeous chrome hardwired heated towel rail.

Gorgeous chrome hardwired heated towel rail.

Under tile Floor Heating & Hardwired Heated Towel Rails:

Under tile floor heating not only takes the chill off floor tiles, but creates an even heat that reaches every corner of the bathroom.  Heating the room from the floor up, it is an extremely efficient form of heating as less heat is lost via windows, exhaust fans and ceiling compared to other traditonal forms of heating.

Under tile floor heating can be set to a thermostat and a timer to ensure your bathroom is always at the perfect temperature.  Installation cost is extremely affordable and should be taken advantage of when doing a bathroom renovation.

Hardwired heated towel rails ensure your towels are always dry and toasty warm every time you reach for them.  Being hardwired means all ugly cords and plugs are out of sight.  They come in designs and colours to suit any bathroom decor and are the perfect inclusion in your bathroom renovation.

Feature wall in shower recess with stunning black rainfall shower rose.

Feature wall in shower recess with stunning rainfall shower rose.

Feature Walls:

Creating a feature wall is a fantastic way to add character to a bathroom.  Whether a feature tile or simply a contrasting coloured tile is used, a feature wall turns a bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary.  Feature walls can be set behind your bath, vanity or even in the shower recess.

Incorporating a niche in the feature wall is an extremely effective look and the niche can be lit with either LED strip lighting or down lights for extra wow factor.  In addition, a shower niche is perfect for housing your shower toiletries, keeping them off the floor and avoids the need for protruding shelving that incur bumps and scrapes.  Whatever your preference, including a feature wall in your bathroom renovation can be simply added and creates a stunning effect in your bathroom.

Shower niche lighting makes an effective feature.

Shower niche lighting makes an effective feature.

Rainfall Showers:

Rainfall shower heads are extremely popular at the moment.  They not only look great but feel great too.  When teamed with an adjustable hand held shower rose, they ensure you have the best of both worlds and means the ladies of the home do not have to wear a shower cap to avoid their hair getting wet.  Hand held shower roses also make cleaning the shower recess an absolute breeze.  Massage heads are also quite popular and are an added luxury for those who prefer showers over baths.  Rainfall shower roses come in all the usual tapware finishes and in a variety of styles to suit any bathroom decor.

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