Tips for Renovating your Family Bathroom

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Tips for Renovating your Family Bathroom

The family bathroom is a busy place that has to cater to all members of the family.  From babies to teens and adults, it can be a challenging task to renovate your family bathroom to perfectly suit the needs of everyone, although, we have a few tips and ideas that not only ensures your newly renovation bathroom looks great, but is also functional to avoid common chaos.

Family bathroom with wall hung vanity, free standing bath with swivel spout.

Family Bathroom with wall hung vanity, free standing bath with flat base and swivel spout

Tips for Renovating your Family Bathroom:

Double Bowl Vanities

If space allows, having a double bowl vanity in your family bathroom not only provides more storage space but enables for dual tooth brushing in the morning and evening saving precious time.  It also allows for you to either shave or apply makeup whilst supervising your child as they get ready for the day.  It’s worth noting that although above counter bowls do look amazing, young children can find these difficult to use independently as they create extra height for them to overcome.

Mixer Taps

Incorporating mixer taps in your bathroom not only creates a modern look, but are easier to turn on and off than traditional tapware, which makes them perfect for children and the elderly.  Of course be sure to have your hot water set at a safe temperature to avoid young children scalding themselves.

Family Bathroom with large wall hung vanity, mixer taps and large recessed shaving cabinet

Family Bathroom with large wall hung vanity, mixer taps and large recessed shaving cabinet

Shaving Cabinets & Extra Storage

Storage can be challenging in a bathroom, especially a family bathroom.  Shaving cabinets are a fantastic way to add valuable storage and also keep items such as razors and medicines out of reach of young children.  Shaving cabinets can be custom made and recessed into the wall to appear to be a mirror alone or be purchased with a matching vanity.  

Tallboys can be custom made or purchased with matching vanities to add storage for larger items such as towels, toilet paper etc.  If your bathroom area is small and extra storage is required, a behind door recessed cabinet may be your preference.  The doors can be made in a colour to match or contrast your bathroom tiles or can be mirrored providing a full length mirror in the bathroom.

Behind door recessed cabinet for extra storage

Behind door recessed cabinet for extra storage

Adjustable Hand Held Shower Roses

Shower heads are installed at various standard heights, but generally so to suit the height of the average taller person.  Whilst this may perhaps suit the tallest person in the household, it can be difficult for shorter members to use.  Adjustable hand held shower roses are exactly as their name states. They can be adjusted to the height of the person using the shower and can be detached to use hand held.  The advantages of these shower roses are numerous.  They avoid having wet hair on the no shampoo days, and they make rinsing shampoo and conditioners quicker as the shower head can be set closer to the scalp.  The hand held option makes them perfect for washing children’s hair.  They work extremely well for those who require the use of a shower chair.  They also make cleaning the shower an absolute breeze.  Adjustable hand held shower roses can also be found with the popular rainfall shower heads.

Rainfall shower with adjustable hand held shower rose

Rainfall shower with adjustable hand held shower rose

Soft Close Toilet Seats and Vanity Drawers

Having soft close mechanisms on toilet seats and vanity drawers protects little fingers from being caught and jammed.  Let’s face it, our bathrooms are busy places and little people do eventually need to use the bathroom independently.  Soft close mechanisms are not only safer but they are quieter too.

Foldaway Towel Rack

Towel Rails

There is nothing worse that having to use a wet towel.  Thankfully there are many options for towel rails for family bathrooms.  From double towel rails, foldaway towel racks (featured in above video),  to hardwired heated towel rails.  Hardwired heated towel rails have all electrical placed inside the wall away from little hands and ensure your towels are warm and dry every time you reach for them.

If young children are using this bathroom, having rings or hooks for hand towels set at a height where they can easily reach them independently will make life easier.

Family bathroom with separate toilet

Family bathroom with wall hung vanity, shower, free standing bath and separate toilet

Separate Toilet

Having a separate toilet means urgent bathroom calls can be met while the shower or bath is being used.  This avoids numerous arguments between siblings and aids toilet training of little ones.  It also allows some well deserved relaxation time in the bath after a long hard day.  

Other considerations:

Baths: If the household has babies or toddlers, ensuring the inclusion of a bath with a flat base is likely to be preferred to prevent falls while bathing.  In addition, a swivel spout is a perfect for filling the tub and then folds away neatly to prevent bumps and scrapes.  

Ventilation: Good ventilation is imperative for all bathrooms, especially family bathrooms that have numerous daily showers.  Ensure to install a good quality exhaust fan to avoid mould.

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