The vanity is an important component of any bathroom renovation. It is in most cases the only source of storage for our toiletries, makeup and numerous other bathroom items. Additionally, in comparison to the boring old cabinets of years gone by, vanities today not only provide valuable storage but with the latest designs available, vanities can quite often be the main feature of a newly renovated bathroom.

Stunning wall hung vanity

Wall hung vanities or floating vanities as they are also often called have become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners when doing a bathroom renovation and for good reason.

Advantages of a Wall Hung Vanity in your Bathroom Renovation:


Incorporating a wall hung vanity in your bathroom adds tremendously to the appearance of space within the room as it allows a greater amount of visible floor area. Showing off more floor area also allows for a feature tile to be used with floor tiles should it be desired.

Gorgeous timber wall hung vanity

Easy to Clean:

Wall hung vanities make cleaning the floor area of the bathroom an absolute breeze. No more getting down on your hands and knees to clean under the vanity and the annoying vanity legs that catch dust and hair. Just a quick wipe with a floor duster or vacuum and mop and you’re done!

Beautiful black wall hung vanity


There is an abundance of different styles of wall hung vanities from which to choose for your bathroom renovation. The colour, cabinet finish and bowl choice are vast and wide ensuring a style that will perfectly suit your new bathroom. Above counter bowls teamed with a wall hung vanity are particularly popular and look incredibly. Wall hung vanities can be found with the popular drawer only option or with both cabinet and drawers. Many homeowners when renovating their bathrooms choose the large drawer option as has the advantage of not having to rummage to the back of the cabinet to find an item. Simply open the drawer and everything is at your fingertips.

Styles to suit any bathroom decor

Under Cabinet Lighting:

When doing a bathroom renovation, lighting is something that is quite often overlooked. Simple feature lighting can take your bathroom renovation from ordinary to extraordinary. Wall hung vanities look amazing with under cabinet lighting. This lighting serves not only as a stunning feature light but as a practical soft type of lighting that illuminates the floor area. This light can be set to a sensor and timer to turn on automatically with movement and turn off on its own which makes it perfect for middle of the night bathroom visits. No more burning retinas with bright bathroom lighting just to find your way in the darkness. This lighting is particularly useful for ensuite bathrooms as it is a soft light therefore minimising disturbing those still fast asleep in the main bedroom.

Under cabinet ligting

Matching shaving cabinets:

Shaving cabinets have come a long way from the bulky medicine cabinets from the past. Today mirrored shaving cabinets can be recessed into the wall to appear simply a mirror and provide much valued storage space within a bathroom. Wall hung vanities can be purchased with a matching shaving cabinet that features decorative shelving and many come with under cabinet lighting as well. Together as a set these create a warm, inviting feeling to your newly renovated bathroom.

Shaving cabinet with decorative shelving

It is important to note that plumbing will need to be relocated from the floor to the wall when choosing a wall hung vanity, but the finish is well worth the cost.


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