There has never been a better time to renovate your bathroom on a budget. With todays new trends and many options available to home owners means creating a gorgeous bathroom does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Here are our tips for renovating your bathroom on a budget.


Instead of tiling all the way to the ceiling, tile to only 1200mm high. This saves not only in the cost for tiles and labour but also avoids having to replace cornices and top level wall lining and architraves. This style is currently quite popular. Rather than using your tiles as your feature in your bathroom, home owners can choose a standard wall tile, purchase less of them and use a featured coloured paint for that wow factor. Obviously, a good quality paint that is mould and mildew resistant is a must.


Choose ceramic tiles for your walls. Whilst it is best to use a good quality porcelain tile for your floors as porcelain tiles are stronger and can withstand greater movement without cracking, ceramic tiles are perfect for your walls and are generally cheaper than porcelain tiles.


Don’t make changes to your existing plumbing plan. Moving plumbing, such as the location of your toilet for example, immediately increases the cost of your renovation. So rather than completely re-designing your bathroom layout, leave your existing plan as it is and simply replace your vanity, toilet, bath etc.

P.C. Items:

Buy your P.C. Items from within the budget to mid cost range or buy on special. Your P.C. Items, (prime cost items i.e tiles, vanity, bath, toilet etc) are largely what determine the cost of your renovation. Keeping your choices within a budget range will lower the overall cost of your bathroom. However be mindful to buy a good quality toilet and tapware as purchasing these items on the cheap could create an expensive problem in the future.


Install a large recessed mirrored shaving cabinet for extra storage. If that large, ornate vanity is out of your budget, installing these style shaving cabinets provides extra storage for toiletries and as they are recessed into the wall, appear to be simply a mirror and do not add bulk as typical shaving cabinets do. Being mirrored, they also add to the appearance of space making them perfect for smaller sized bathrooms.


Save on electrical by simply installing a decorative pendant light or under cabinet lighting for that special mood lighting feature.  Install an above mirror light for extra lighting when applying makeup and shaving.


Create a niche as your feature. Rather than spending extra money on a feature tile, install a niche above your bath to create a stunning feature in your bathroom. A niche above your bath is not only decorative but also a perfect place for your candles and glass of wine when relaxing after a long hard week. Installing a niche in your shower recess avoids the need to purchase shelving. Not only a cost saver, but a shower niche prevents head bumps and scrapes on protruding shelves.

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