By incorporating just some of these inclusions,  we show you how to turn your bathroom renovation from ordinary to extraordinary.

Overhead mirror lighting

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Bathrooms are no longer tiny, pokey rooms that are simply used for daily hygiene. They are for many of us, a place of sanctuary to relax and unwind after a long hard day. Decor and interior design have extended to our bathrooms and are now one of the rooms most focused upon when considering resale of a home.  Any real estate agent will agree that a home with updated bathrooms will aid the sale of any home.

A bathroom renovation is a considerable investment, one that you want to last for at least a decade or two. It is also a room that all members of the household use on a daily basis. As they say, “it is the simple things in life that are often the best”, so why not include some of the latest designs, items and indulgences in your bathroom to enhance your daily life.

1. Lighting

Lighting can have a dramatic effect on the mood and the decor of any room and the bathroom is no exception, in fact the bathroom is a room where lighting is of the upmost importance. Ensuring adequate lighting for makeup application and shaving is integral. Think overhead mirror lights, Hollywood lights and LED backlit mirrors.

Just as adequate lighting is essential, soft mood lighting is a type of lighting that should not be overlooked for your bathroom. This type of lighting enhances the look of your bathroom and also adds to the relaxing atmosphere we all crave to wind down at the end of the day. Think down lights, pendant lights, under cabinet lighting and lights in niches.  In particular, under vanity cabinet lighting, our customers find particularly useful in their ensuites. We set this soft lighting on a sensor and timer to turn on automatically when movement is detected for those middle of the night visits, so as to not disturb other occupants of the bedroom with conventional lighting.  Be sure to speak with your bathroom renovator about your lighting options prior to starting your renovation to make the most of your bathroom lighting.

Rainfall Shower Head with adjustable shower rose

2. Shower Heads

Shower heads now come in a vast range in not only style and colour, but also what they have to offer. Adjustable shower roses are what most consider an absolute must in the bathroom and many of these offer various water pressure levels for a relaxing massage. Some of these adjustable shower roses are now combined with rainfall shower heads for that extra indulgence.

3. Niches

Niches are an innovative way to add a stunning feature to your bathroom. Creating a niche above the bath with LED strip lighting or down lights with a feature tile is not only decorative but is the perfect place for that glass of wine or candles when treating yourself to a bubble bath. Niches can be set in any wall and used purely for decoration or for practical shelving.

Incorporating a niche in your shower is not only decorative but replaces the need for protruding shelves within the shower recess. These shower niches are perfect for your shampoos, conditioners and other such shower toiletries and avoids bumps and scrapes from conventional shelving.

Niche above bath

4. Electric Bidet Seats

These electric bidet seats are the ultimate in indulgence, are compatible with most toilet models and can be fitted to your existing toilet suite. They include a host of clever features for your comfort and avoid the need to install a separate bidet.

These seats offer quiet close, heated seat, heated water, traditional bidet wash, feminine wash, heated air drying and automatic deodoriser. Settings can be set to suit the individual and are extremely easy to clean.

5. Inwall Cisterns

Gone are the days of unattractive exposed toilet cisterns, waste pipes and pedestal toilets. Inwall cisterns are truly innovative and offer a contemporary, minimalist look to your bathroom. They are an installation where the toilet cistern is concealed inside the wall and only the buttons are exposed on the tile wall.

These inwall cisterns offer a contemporary, stylish look and are effective space saving items as they can make a small bathroom look less busy. They are considered hygienic as the traditional cistern is thought to harbour bacteria in and underneath the cistern. As the cistern is built into the wall, any noise created by the cistern is reduced, making them ultra quiet. If paired with a wall hung toilet pan, the free-flow of floor area below creates the illusion of added space and makes cleaning an absolute breeze.

Inwall Cistern

6. Heated Towel Rails

Hardwired heated towel rails are the latest installations for bathroom renovations and can be installed without ugly, visible wiring. They come in a range of different styles and colours to suit any bathroom colour scheme and add a beautiful feature to your bathroom rather than an ugly eyesore. Installing a heated towel rail will ensure that your bath towel is dry and toasty warm every time you reach for it, no matter the weather outside.

7. Heated Flooring

For the ultimate indulgence, one cannot look further than floor heating. Electric floor heating provides a pleasant warmth for your feet and body by warming the floor surface. This is the perfect finishing touch for your bathroom. One of the great advantages of floor heating in bathrooms is that heat is not lost in the exhaust air. Complete with thermostat and timer, floor heating will keep you warm and toasty from top to toe during those cold winter months.

8. IXL Tastic Neo light/ heater/ fan

Gone are the days of the old wall hung bar heaters and exhaust fans that were eyesores and completely inefficient. IXL’s latest Neo range offers the latest in technology and a more modern and unobtrusive design. So when renovating your bathroom, be sure to look into this range for your exhaust and heating units.

9. Mixer Taps

Mixer taps combine hot and cold water, making the temperature easier to control. They combine the flow of water into one stream before releasing it and are controlled by one central lever. They’re are a contemporary alternative to traditional taps and are the latest in minimalist design enabling more space on vanities and less obtrusions on tiled areas. They come in a variety of styles and finishes to suit all bathroom designs. They’re extremely practical for children and the elderly as there is no need to tighten and untighten them each time you run the water and can be set to the perfect temperature making them safer.

Free standing bath

10. Free Standing Baths

Free standing baths are associated with luxury, are more aesthetically pleasing than built in baths and create a central feature within the bathroom. They offer an elegant and sophisticated feel of a day spa and retreat in your very own home. Nothing compares to the showpiece of a free standing bath and thankfully they now come in a vast array of sizes and styles to suit almost any bathroom. They do require a certain amount of space, so they may not suit particularly small bathrooms, however if your bathroom is of adequate size, these baths are certainly to be considered. Be sure to speak with your bathroom renovator prior to starting your renovation about your bath options to make the most of your bathroom space.

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