Bathroom Trends 2020 – popular designs, selections and inclusions chosen by homeowners.

January 2020, marks our 25th year in business renovating bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Interior design is ever changing and technology is always advancing. This blog post is the first in our series of latest trends in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries for the upcoming year.

In 25 years, we’ve seen many bathroom trends come and go. In fact, we’ve seen certain colour schemes, tiles, and intricate tiling patterns re-emerge with a slight twist to create a new and improved design trend. We’ve witnessed improvements in materials and technology as well as a greater variety of tiles, baths, vanities, toilets and tapware become available.

Homeowners are certainly spoilt for choice. However, this seemingly endless variety of options can become a little daunting when selecting tiles and PC items. After all, renovating is an investment in both time and money. It is imperative to make selections that will create a harmonious flow with the rest of your home design and continue to look fabulous and be functional for decades, hence, a timeless design. We have put together a list of the most popular designs, selections, and inclusions from our recently completed bathroom renovation projects.

Bathroom Renovation

Stunning timber wall mount vanity with 3 door mirrored wall cabinet to provide an abundance of storage set on a gorgeous herringbone tile feature wall – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.


White wall tiles in a bathroom enhance light and the appearance of space, though white walls alone can fall a little flat. That’s where feature walls and floors come in. When creating a feature in the bathroom, let that feature alone be the hero of the room, that is, choose either a single feature wall or a feature floor, not both.

Muted blue and green patterned tiles create a gorgeous feature wall or alternatively can be used for a feature floor leaving the walls entirely white. Black and white patterned tiles are striking and are a forever classic design whether used on a single wall or as a feature floor. Various shades of cement grey tiles create a beautiful contrast against white tiles and a feature wall can be created by using the same colour tile as the floor, continuing it up on a single wall which not only creates a focal point but one that draws the eye upward enhancing the height and space of the room.

Faux marble tiles perfectly imitate natural marble with intricate veining and are ideal in the bathroom as they do not require special cleaners or maintenance like natural marble. Whether these faux marble tiles are used for the entire bathroom or for a single feature wall or for the floor, they add a sense of luxury to the bathroom like no other.

Bathroom Renovation

Stunning marble herringbone tiled feature wall, black framed shower panel & backlit mirror create wow factor in this stunning bathroom – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

As previously mentioned, intricate tiling patterns are very on trend with herringbone tiling taking centre stage. Using this gorgeous pattern for either a white on white feature, which is ideal for small bathrooms, muted blues and greens for small feature walls and niches, or the forever classic carrara marble for an entire feature wall is a gorgeous effect. Herringbone floor tiles are usually larger and imitate timber parquetry flooring style for a feature floor. Read our article about Herringbone Tiles.


Vanities provide the bulk of storage in a bathroom and there are in general, two types of vanities; floor mount and wall mount. Wall mount vanities are by far the most popular option as they not only provide a contemporary design but also enhance the appearance of space by showing off more floor area. Wall mount vanities come in both drawer only and cupboard and drawer options. The deep drawer design is by far the most popular as they keep stored items neat and within reach and avoids rummaging to the back of cupboards. White and timber are the most popular finish for vanities with white contrasting on a darker feature wall and adversely a timber vanity becoming the feature in itself on a white or light tiled wall. Engineered stone tops are also extremely popular as it is a durable, non porous surface and comes in a great variety of colours and can perfectly mimic marble.

Recessed mirrored wall cabinets are often paired with wall mount vanities and are ideal for creating extra storage in the bathroom that keeps things conveniently at eye level and out of reach of little fingers. When recessed into the wall cavity, these mirrored cabinets appear to be a mirror alone, creating a sleek finish that does not crowd the vanity area. Read our article Be Smart with your Bathroom Mirror when Renovating.

Bathroom Renovation

Gorgeous solid timber wall mount vanity with above counter bowl, oversize mirror and antique style wall mount tapware – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Tapware and toilets

Wall mount tapware is becoming a more popular option for the basin areas and floor mount bath fillers are more often being paired with freestanding baths creating a luxe look. Rainfall shower roses are most often used in the shower and are usually paired with a hand held shower rose. Rail showers with both a rainfall shower head and an adjustable hand held shower rose provide the best of both worlds and are the most popular choice for homeowners when renovating their bathroom.

Rimless toilets are the preferred option for their hygienic and easy to clean benefits. In-wall cisterns are additionally quite popular for their sleek, minimalist design.

Showers & Baths

As previously mentioned, rainfall shower rails with adjustable hand held shower roses are the most popular choice with chrome, brushed metal and matt black being the favourite finishes.

Frameless glass shower screens and frameless panels are almost considered standard with a handful of customers opting for a black frame for aesthetic design. The layout of the bathroom and its temperature in colder months largely determine weather a full screen with a pivot door or a single panel is chosen. Read our article Doorless Showers.

Niches are most often chosen for keeping shower toiletries off the floor in showers rather than protruding shelves. They not only provide a safer storage space that avoids bumps and scrapes but they add character to the bathroom and can be lit with LED strip lighting or tiled in a feature tile.

Bathroom renovation

Gorgeous freestanding bath with wall mount antique style cradle bath/shower mixer set perfect for an indulgent soak in the tub – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens

Freestanding baths are by far the most popular inclusion for bathrooms, providing of course there is space for one. There are a greater variety of styles and sizes than ever before, which allows a larger percentage of bathrooms to incorporate this design. A freestanding bath becomes the focal point of the bathroom and exudes luxury that can be enjoyed. Back to wall varieties are often chosen in order to sit flush against a wall, allowing more space in the bathroom.

Heating, lighting & mirrors

Under tile floor heating is popular inclusion in bathrooms as it provides an even heat that rises from the floor upward keeping the bathroom warm in those cooler months of the year.

Hardwired heated towel rails are another inclusion that homeowners are installing. No more ugly wires that collect dust. These heated towel rails come in chrome, brushed metal and matt black in a variety of shapes to suit your bathroom. The vertical heated towel rails are becoming a popular choice as they take up less room and are unobtrusive. Regardless of what colour or style your choose, a hardwired heated towel rail will ensure your towel is warm and dry every time you reach for it.

Under cabinet lighting is almost a standard in bathrooms as it not only provides a soft ambient feature lighting but is ideal for use in en-suite bathrooms. It can be set to turn on automatically with movement and turn off with a timer. The ideal lighting to not wake those sleeping during those nocturnal bathroom visits.

LED & backlit mirrors are becoming more popular for both their look and for practical purposes. These LED lit mirrors provide lighting that does not cast shadows on the face ensuring perfect makeup application and the ideal shave.

The two most popular mirror types are by far the mirrored wall cabinets and round mirrors. Mirrored wall cabinets as mentioned previously add valuable storage while round mirrors add character to the room. Round mirrors can be framed, frameless and be purchased with LED lighting.

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