Benefits of Under-cabinet Lighting in the Bathroom and Kitchen

Lighting plays an important role in all rooms of the house, creating both function and ambience. Layers of lighting work best in providing each room with a combination of bright and soft lighting to choose from.

In the bathroom, it is imperative to have bright lighting that does not cast shadows for applying makeup and shaving. Whilst bright light is essential for preparing for work or a night out, it is not a type of lighting that is ideal for winding down at the end of the day.

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Under-cabinet lighting providing a soft light in the ensuite bathroom – bathroom renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Soft lighting creates an atmosphere that enhances relaxation which is perfect for soaking in a long hot bath. Soft lighting is also the ideal type of lighting to use for guests and in the evening when bright lighting is too harsh. The soft light isn’t quite as hard on the eyes in the middle of the night as brighter type lighting and doesn’t disturb other members of the household.

Under-cabinet lighting provides a soft, ambient lighting that can be installed under vanity cabinets and shaving cabinets. This type of lighting serves to not only light the floor at night but is also a beautiful feature.

Under-cabinet lighting in the bathroom can be set to a sensor with a timer, triggered to turn on with movement and automatically switch off. This type of installation is especially ideal for en-suite bathrooms ensuring that the bathroom floor is safely lit for those middle of the night bathroom visits without disturbing the sleeping partner in the main bedroom.

Under cabinet lighting accentuates the gorgeous hand made tiles on kitchen splashback with engineered stone - kitchen renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

Under cabinet lighting accentuates the gorgeous hand made tiles on kitchen splashback with engineered stone top and induction cooktop – kitchen renovation by Master Bathrooms & Kitchens.

The kitchen requires this same layered type of lighting to ensure lighting bright enough for food preparation and cooking with ambient lighting that is so important in open plan living areas. At night, shadows from wall cabinets tend to darken the bench area. Under-cabinet lighting installed beneath the wall cabinets provides an extra light that prevents shadowing the bench worktop areas at night. Once the evening meal is finished under-cabinet lighting provides a soft light in the kitchen ideal for making a cup of tea and winding down before bed. This type of lighting is also a fantastic feature that transforms an ordinary splashback to an extraordinary focal point in the kitchen.

Under-cabinet lighting can be installed on the base cabinets above the kickboards, creating a feature lighting that looks fantastic when entertaining and a soft light that illuminates the floor area in the evening. No more bumps in the night when grabbing a glass of water or a midnight snack, under-cabinet lighting will illuminate the kitchen without waking the entire household.

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