The kitchen sink is used countless times every day. It is arguably the most used item within any household. The kitchen sink gets a hard workout from washing everything from greasy plates to heavy pots and pans that inevitably over time scratch the sinks stainless steel surface.

Granite island bench with pendant lights & shiny new sink.

When a kitchen is new, the stainless steel sink has such a beautiful shine. With day to day use it gradually becomes dull and scratched no matter how much care is taken.

Manufacturers have tips for keeping our stainless steel sinks looking their best:


Daily cleaning with a mild detergent and warm water followed by a rinse and wipe with a micro fibre cloth is all that is needed for the average clean. If this is done after each use, this will be the only cleaning and care that is required for new sinks. The use of a fine nylon scouring pad will usually be enough to handle scum that is left to harden and more difficult to remove, however take care to not scrub too hard and to always follow the grain of the finish.


For heavier soiling, staining and polishing; apply the mildest abrasive cleanser (Gumption is quite good) or a paste of bicarb soda and water with a soft cloth, fine nylon scouring pad or soft bristle brush and rub the surface as softly as possible in the direction of the polished finish. A toothbrush for around taps and for the drain area is particularly useful when using this method. Rinse the sink thoroughly and wipe with a micro fibre cloth.


To remove light scratches or to buff an old sink back to its former glory, use a very fine flexible sanding pad. Place the pad on the stainless steel surface and gently rub in a straight line motion, back and forth following grain of the finish. This method is used on older sinks only, as doing this on a new sink will ruin its mirror finish. Follow this method with the regular cleaning method mentioned above.

Manufacturers advise against the use of steelo wool pads and harsh chemicals on your sink.

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