Renovating your bathroom is the perfect time to not only update your bathroom design and colour scheme, but to include the latest in technology, accessories and other practical items to create the ultimate bathroom space. We cover our top 10 bathroom renovation essentials.


Our top 10 essential items to include in your bathroom renovation:

Exhaust Fan/ Light/ Heater units

IXL have dominated exhaust fan and heater units in bathrooms for many years, and for good reason. IXL have recently released their new “Neo” range that blends cutting edge technology with a modern look giving you a light-filled, evenly heated and well ventilated bathroom. The Neo range boasts an unobtrusive design with tungsten halogen heating lamps with improved heating efficiency and directional downlights that brighten the area you choose with an inline extraction system that vents directly outside, leaving no unwanted draughts.

Shower Rose & Taps

There have been many improvements in taps and shower roses over the years and the two that stand out without doubt is mixer taps and adjustable shower roses.

Mixer taps have more a sleek and streamlined look than traditional separate hot and cold taps and allow greater control of water temperature and pressure. They come in a large variety of designs to suit any bathroom and can be used for vanities, baths and inside the shower recess. Mixer taps are a better option for the elderly as they flick on and off with more ease than traditional taps.

Adjustable hand held shower roses are the most flexible and efficient shower roses on the market. They can be adjusted easily to suit the height of any member of the family and allow greater control of the direction of water spray. Washing hair, shaving legs, cleaning the shower, even washing the family pet is made easier with this bathroom essential. They come in a large array of designs and colours to suit any bathroom and are often combined with a luxurious rainfall shower head and even variety of water pressure settings to create a massage effect.

Shower Niche

Whilst on the subject of showers, one cannot go past the shower niche. Having a shower niche incorporated in your shower recess creates the perfect space to house your shower toiletries avoiding the need for protruding shelves. Not only can you say goodbye to bumps and scrapes from traditional shelving that can corrode and rust over time, these shower niches can be tiled with a contrasting tile or mosaic creating a stunning feature in your bathroom. Niches are a beautiful way to create a feature anywhere in the bathroom such as over a bath or vanity. Shower niches are both practical and decorative and an absolute must for any bathroom renovation. Click HERE to read more about Niches.

Smart Waste

Smart wastes are the latest in shower grate technology and are perfect in any new home or bathroom renovation. These smart wastes replace the ugly shower grates that allow visibility down into drains to unsightly pipes, hair and soap scum. The smart waste blends perfectly with your floor tiles and creates a contemporary, clean and durable finish.

Wall Hung Vanities

Storage space is always a must especially in the bathroom and the vanity is where most turn to store our bathroom products, toiletries and makeup. Wall hung vanities are the latest in design and create appearance of more space by showing off more floor area. They can be found in a variety of designs, colours and sizes boasting both single and double bowls. Having a wall hung vanity not only creates the appearance of more floor space but makes cleaning your floor an absolute breeze as there are no legs to collect hair and dust. Wall hung vanities are available with traditional doors, however choosing one with large draws is the ultimate way to organise all your toiletries and makeup as it avoids having to rummage to the back of the cupboard. Simply pull open your drawer and all you need is there right in front of you.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Good lighting is extremely important in the bathroom for shaving and makeup application, but many overlook the importance soft lighting. Adding under cabinet lighting to your bathroom is perfect for those middle of the night and early morning visits when traditional lighting is just too bright. This type of lighting not only protects our eyes from bright, stunning lights, but avoids disturbing other members of the household particularly when using the ensuite of the main bedroom. These lights can be triggered by a sensor and set to a timer to turn on and off automatically. Not only a practical lighting, under cabinet lighting can add soft lighting to your bathroom perfect for relaxing in a bath after a long hard day.

Recessed Mirrored Shaving Cabinets

Shaving cabinets have come a long way from their bulky beginnings. They are now available in a variety of sizes and can completely replace your traditional vanity mirror. They add to valuable bathroom storage space and can be recessed into the wall prior to tiling giving it a streamlined finish appearing to be a mirror alone. By choosing a large mirrored recessed shaving cabinet you not only increase the amount of storage within your bathroom but also add to the appearance of space making the room look larger.

Wall Mounted Overhead Mirror Lights

Overhead mirror lighting is perfect for shaving and makeup application and thankfully this type of lighting is now available with a more contemporary feel. Gone are the unattractive fluorescent lights, wall mounted overhead mirror lights now come with dimmable LED lighting in a variety of designs, colours and finishes.

Light Switches

Lighting is important in any room, we fuss about the lights being placed in the perfect position, ensure that they a bright enough and having dimmers and feature lights, however many overlook the light switch and simply leave it up to the electrician. Traditional light switches are typically white, hard to clean and discolour over time. Thankfully Clipsal have remedied this and released a variety of switches that offer a more modern design.

Choose from the Saturn glass look or their Strato range of interchangeable Laminex surrounds, Metal plate look or their Modena range. Our favourite is their Saturn range offering a unique touch sensitive interface, multi-way dimming and cool blue LED indicators. The cool blue LED indicator shows which switch is in use, then falls back to a subtle glow when the light is off enabling the switch to be easily visible at night.

Heated Towel Rails

Heated towel rails are not only practical but add that extra bit of luxury to your bathroom. Especially useful for the colder months, heated towel rails will ensure your towel is dry and toasty warm every time you reach for it. They come in a variety of sizes, designs and colours to match any bathroom decor. For the ultimate in design and technology one cannot go past hardwired, heated towel rails. Being hardwired, these towel rails hide unsightly cabling creating a clean modern finish.

On a final note, waterproofing is without doubt, the single most important essential for any bathroom renovation. Click HERE to read our article on the importance of waterproofing.

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